Top 5 Websites to Find and Hire Freelancers

Proper human resource and management is very important for any organization, startup, entrepreneur to survive in the competitive market. It promotes quick product delivery, effective cost cutting, leading to a happy client, and a happier you. What else do we need today? Hiring a HRM, that is, a Human Resource Manager, is a good act, but not possible for new projects. In that case, we just tend to look for some cheap labor. And, Internet, is a place, where you can find thousands of amazing freelancers, waiting for you to give them a job, and they are completing it in no time, and giving you results, better than a regular employee! Hard to believe, but, truth this is. Freelancing has been a full time career, and 11% of the US population works as a freelancer, either offline or online. The best part of giving a job to a freelancer is, that you need not get into the formalities of hiring that person, going through the legal performance, but just give him the job, and pay him once the job is done.

Hire Freelancers

A question hitting your mind must be, where do you find freelancers? Well, there are a lot of web portals and forums, but, here is the list of best 5 Websites to Find and Hire Freelancers, which are safe, and have a lot of amazingly good and creative people up for work:


LinkedIn, is something, you must have heard a lot of times in your professional career. Well, this is a cool professional social networking site. For your personal social networking, there exists Facebook, consider LinkedIn to be the one, for your professional life. There have been a lot of success stories, with people finding amazing jobs, and amazing people to work, here, and accomplishing cool achievements and dreams getting true.


1,300,000. Seems to be a huge number? Yes, this is the number of registered freelancers on this website. Ranging from web design, physical poster designs, audio video stuff, this website provide a lot of categories to look for freelancers. All you need to do is to search for your type of job in the “Hire” tab, and you are good to go.


This is also the same thing as ELance. But, has a really cool feature, allowing you to post your job description, and the freelancers bidding on your project. Basically, they are looking for you, not you are looking for them. Seems bossy? Try this!


oDesk works the same way as a worker. This even allows you to set the maximum amount to which the freelancers can bid at. This will help you in planning the project budget and other stuff really well. oDesk is a reputed and old website, and totally genuine to the core.


If you are particularly looking for a content writer, this is the best option you have. It has a lot of reputed writers, with their feedback scores and other stuff to judge from, either contact them directly, or post your project, and they will themselves do their job.

So, These are the most popular websites to find and hire freelancers. Which one you are already using? Do share your valuable comments with fellow readers.

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