How to Get Started in Your Freelancing Career

Gone is the time when the millionaires were built in the Air conditioned offices and premises. Now, the millionaires, and in fact, billionaires are building themselves, sitting in the living room of their couch, with a packet of chips aside, and a MacBook in the hand. Yes, freelancing has actually produced hundreds and thousands of millionaires and billionaires, who have been working right from their home, and being living a life, that some people just dream of, or feel like it doesn’t even exist. Reading all this excites you, isn’t it? And you are here, either because you are a struggling freelancer, or want to be a successful one, leaving aside your old school boring job. Freelancing Well, here are the 5 steps, we need to follow, in order to move wisely and effectively to achieve the same:

Master the tools of the Trade:

 A freelancer’s job is to work. But, to work on what? May it be graphic designing, content writing, website development, or any other internet based service, being offered to a lot of separate various people. To be able to perform better, first, we need to learn better. And, learning your specialized field of work, most effectively is the best thing to start with.

Build a Portfolio:

 Before hiring someone to work, may it be anything, or giving someone a chance to do something for you, the first thing, we take care of, is to check the quality and level of his work. Putting your client on your position, he will obviously want to check, what have you worked on, what kind of stuff will you provide for his money.

Set a Competitive Pricing:

It is not just you, wandering around in the market place, looking for work, and the client, obviously wants to get the work done at the cheapest possible price, not compromising with the quality. Rather than generating more profits, focus on providing a good cheap price for your services, to get some clients attached to you on business basis, and for you to build a name in the marketplace, and trust me, reputation matters more than anything, when it comes to client-service relationships.

Begin Looking for Work:

A soldier gets ready after training, but he is actually tested when he is brought up and stands in the battlefield. Same comes here. You, or the soldier, and it’s time for you to look for work, and start making the money you want to. Now, where do you find it. Here are some cool web portals, which will help you in the same:


This is a nice and legit freelance marketing system, with separate accounts for clients and freelancers, working on the basis of demand and supply motives.


Here, you post, what you can do, for just $5! Finds it funny? There are a lot of people, who already purchased a range rover, just by selling this $5 gig.


Similar to fiverr, but the buyers are kinda creepy, and won’t be much interested in paying you well. The more time you spend on oDesk the possibility you got to be hired by someone. A lot of people even small to established companies uses oDesk to get some work done.

Keeping up with the Business and Making it Move Smooth:

Well, you are now established in the business, but to keep it working on and on, you must take care of your taxes, bills, profit generation, cost cutting, etc. You may also consider employing other freelancers under you, or patching up with them!

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