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I’m crazy for latest iPhone 7  and I love to write about various iPhone 7 stuffs. My iPhone 7 craze was pushing me to develop an iPhone niche blog. After thinking a lot with little bit research finally I’m going to develop an iPhone niche blog where I will try to cover about all the iPhone 7 stuffs which will help iPhone users to enhance the usability of their most powerful gadget. This is going to be a challenging online adventure for me because iPhone is pretty competitive niche and it will be not easy for me to perform well in search engines. Let’s hope for the best.

Let’s come to the point. As far as blogging is concerned I would prefer to go with WordPress. There are thousands of wordpress plugins available that can help me to make my blogging easy and this is the reason why I’m in love with WordPress blogging platform. There are tons of WP plugins available that I can install and play around with it. Whatever I want to do on my blog, there is probably a plugin to achieve that task.

Thought came in mind to share my personal recommended wordpress plugins when I was installing couple of most useful plugins to setup my iPhone blog. So you can also use those plugins on your wordpress blog for better blogging experience.

Listed below are 15 recommended WordPress Plugins that you must install in your wordpress blog:

Top 20 Must Have WP Plugins

1) Akismet:

All most wordpress bloggers know about Akismet plugin. Comment spamming is headech for wordpress bloggers and it is likely one of the most excellent comment spam fighter plugins that comes built into wordpress itself. You don’t need to do anything to configure Akismet. Just activate it, enter your API key and rest of the things will be done by this plugin. Akismet will check comments against the Akismet web service to determine if comments look like spam or not and will let you evaluate those comments as well. It is definitely one of the best plugins to fight against comment spammers.

2) All in One SEO Pack:

All in One SEO Pack is a must have SEO plugin to optimize your wordpress blog for search engines. After installing this plugin, go to settings >> All in One SEO and make sure that you have choose “enabled” option in Plugin Status. This plugin allows to add unique title, meta description and keywords to each post of your blog and pages as well. This is highly recommended and ultimate WP plugin for your blog to achieve high search engine rankings.

3) WP Super Cache:

WP Super Cache is really a life saver plugin for your wordpress blog. In fact this plugin comes first in my own favorite list because of two reasons. First, it’s very fast caching engine for WordPress which helps to make your pages load faster. Second, this plugin creates static html pages to be served to your visitors. It requires much less CPU processing than using WordPress. WP Super Cache is absolutely an awesome plugin that can support you to save money on your web hosting bills.

If you find any trouble with WP Super Cache, then W3 Total Cache is also a good alternative of it.

4) WordPress Database Backup:

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform and thousands of people are using it across the world. So it’s also grabbing more attention of hackers too. Security of your blog should be your main concern and as a part of this it’s important to take backup of your entire blog time to time.

WordPress Database Backup is here to help you. This little gem is truly amazing plugin to take back up of your entire wordpress website. It permits to take backup of your blog’s database as often as you want. Additionally it also makes this process automated and deliver backup to your email or a safe spot in your webhost. Install, activate and configure this plugin and after that you’re just one click away to take backup of your entire wordprss blog’s database.

5) MobilePress:
It is important for you to prepare your WordPress blog for being viewed perfectly on mobile devices due to increasing popularity of the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile handsets. Even I see good amount of traffic coming from iPhone and other mobile devices when I check Google Analytics of one of my blogs. So what you can do to make your site compatible with mobile devices? As I said earlier there is probably a WP plugin for each and everything and here you can use called MobilePress.

MobilePress will help you to enhance your WordPress blog for being seen perfectly on mobile web browsers. You can also use different theme for mobile site using MobilePress plugin. You can use specific themes for certain devices and mobile browsers like iPhone, Opera Mini and so forth. It also offers to create custom mobile themes for wordpress blogs. So theme developers can create specific iPhone or generic themes.

MobilePress is honestly an awesome plugin to make your site look sweet and enjoyable on mobile devices.

6) WP-PageNavi:

Do you feel boring for having ‘Older Posts’ and ‘Newer Posts’ links on your blog? WP-PageNavi is a page navigation WordPress plugin that can be used to switch the Previous posts and Next posts links from the home page of your wordperss blog. WP-PaveNavi will let you get page buttons so visitors can go on to whatever number of page they want. Your visitors will experience advanced paging navigation to your site.

7) Adrotate WordPress Plugin:

Adrotate is among the best ad management wordpress plugin. Repeat visitors to your blog may start ignoring the exact same ads you keep showing on your websites. This ad blindness may affect your Click Through Rate (CTR). So the main purpose of this fantastic plugin is to avoid ad blindness on your blog. Adrotate plugin continues rotating your Google AdSense, Commision Junction, Clicksor, Chitika ads, etc to increase CTR. You can also control banners, edit banners, add or delete banners as well as manage groups through this plugin.

Try this fantastic plugin on wordperss blog and I would like to know how it really works for you. I really interested to know if your CTR increase making more money for you.

8) WordPress Related Posts:

I would like the idea of having related posts shown at the end of current entry. It’s really a good way of navigation to explore the knowledge available on your blog. WordPress Related Posts plugin will perform this thing for you. It will show related posts at the end of current post user is reading. If your readers like any of your well written articles on your blog, as a result they would like to keep digging articles through your blog.

9) SEO Smart Links:

It is very important to interlink your articles to build Page Rank all the way through your WordPress blog. Along with that it’s also one of the best ways for your readers to locate more articles on related topics. SEO smart link plugin will help you to interlink your keyword with any other related post. Its automated interlinking will save your time to find related post. It’s also generally believed that interlinking does help to improve search engine ranking of your site for targeted keywords. So it’s worth to give this plugin a try.

10) Enhanced WP contact Form:

This is the must have WordPress plugin to create a featured contact us page on your blog. Earlier I was using Contact Form 7 plugin but later on I shifted to Enhanced WP contact Form plugin due to more features available in this plugin. The most important thing I like about that it also provides referrer and keyword usage data. This spam protected WP plugin also offers option for users to send themselves a copy of the message.

11) Subscribe to Comments:

Would you like your readers to keep coming back on your blog? Subscribe to Comments is likely one of the robust plugins to install on your blog. It allows your readers to subscribe to comments on a specific post via email. It will enable commenters to obtain email notification of subsequent entries. This tends to be the best way to boost traffic by encouraging users to return on your blog to interact with each other.

12) Google XML Sitemaps:

XML sitemap is an important part of any blog or website to inform Google’s web crawlers to discover the entire structure of your website and index it more effectively. So Google XML Sitemaps is an essential plugin to create fully XML sitemap for your wordpress blog. It generates a special XML sitemap which will help major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo for better indexing of your blog posts. What I like about this plugin is it also notifies all major search engines every-time you create a new post or page.

13) Permalinks Moved Permanently:

Permalinks are how your blog links are formatted after name of your domain in browser address bar. URL of every post of your blog should be permanent and if feasible it should never be changed. Nonetheless, in case you are planning to move your WordPress blog from one permalink structure to a different one, then what you need to do is pick up the Permalinks Moved Permanently plugin. This plugin will generate 301 redirect if post is moved. It will also pass old link PR into the new address. This plugin is not going to let you drop site visitors that are landing on your blog from the old permalinks.

14) Gocodes WordPress Plugin:

Are you an affiliate marketer? Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular way to make money online. However, trouble is that affiliate links are very long which also contain special characters. Users may suspect such links as virus driven links. Visitors also don’t like to buy products if they sense it as an affiliate.

Gocodes WordPress plugin is the solution for this. This is the must have Affiliate Link Cloaking plugin for every affiliate marketers. It will solve your problem and hide your unpleasant affiliate links into good looking, clean and clickable links.

15) After The Deadline:

At last but not least is After the deadline plugin. Is English not your first language? Do you usually make a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes like I do? After the deadline wordpress plugin is here to help you. It’s really an awesome plugin for those whose English is not really so great. This WP plugin will check for Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors as well. It will assist you to write better by spending less time editing. Install and activate this plugin, then click on the proofread link above a textbox, and rest of the things such as checking the content for spelling, style, and grammatical errors will be done by this plugin. However, you will require to make corrections in your content according to this plugin suggestions.

Hope you liked list of my recommended WordPress Plugins. It would be great if you found some of these plugin useful for your blog. Is there any better plugin you already using for your wordpress blog? Share it with us below in comment box.

Happy Blogging!!!

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