Tips to Secure Your WordPress Sites

Whenever you develop your website or a blog, there are a lot of factors, that you must take care of ! First of all, the design, the content, the platform, and then coming to the point of security. Did you know the hackers, the exploiters, and the other people are always against your blogs and websites, for no reason, but just for they want to experiment their techniques, and end up destroying your Hard work in a moment! You may have spent a lot of time and effort in building your brand or blog, but they just destroy it within few seconds.  Penetration testing is a very costly technique, to ensure the safety, but there are some factors, that you need to take care of. Some of the common factors or tips to help you to secure your WordPress sites are as follows:

Secure Your WordPress Sites

Stay Updated:

WordPress launches frequent updates. They are extremely wise people, and have a much better resource base than those hackers, they keep on fixing the recent and older common loopholes. So, you should keep your WordPress site updated time to time, to just stay safe from these common loopholes, and keep yourself safe enough.

Remove Inactive Plugins:

We end up installing a lot of plugins, just for the fact they are free, and eventually stop using them, because we just don’t need it anymore. These inactive plugins, generally are not updated by us, and though, lead to the common loopholes for the hackers to exploit into. Either keep them updated, or just remove them, if they are of no purpose anymore.

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Disable Theme/Plugin editor:

The hackers and intruders who can guess your passwords and credentials might enter the system, and enter their malicious code into the files, which will end up doing permanent harm to the WordPress system! This will lead to a lot of data loss, work loss, a need further, wasting your hard work really bad. So, keep the editor disable, until you use it.

Protect your .htaccess file:

The .htaccess file is as good as the gateway to the figurative parts of the blog. It can design the access permissions to some particular files, set of files, data, instructions, etc. It is a hidden file in the root directory, set the permissions to the file accordingly from the absolute set of users.

Protect your WP-config File:

The .htaccess file needs to be kept secure, and in the same way, it is very important to keep your WP-config file. If anyone gets the access to the WP-config file, he eventually gets the access to all the sensitive information, ranging from the admin login.

Prevent WP-login to be accessed by unknown IP Addresses:

IP filtration is a very nice technique to be followed. You can easily filter the IP addresses and make the WP-login accessible by only the trusted IP sources.

Well, We have tried to cover the most important points to secure your WordPress sites here, but still if you think we have missed out any. Then, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section.

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