Why Blog Owners should have Business Cards

Blogging is something, that we all love to do. In a way or the other, we all do some blogging. Even sharing something on Facebook, is a form of blogging itself. And, some people are actually dependent upon blogging for making their living, or actually, making a wonderful living, better than most of the other people of the society. Some people have given up their boring old school jobs, and already started working on their home, writing blogs, and earning money from the revenue generated from the advertisements, affiliate links, etc. And, call it their profession.


And, today, every professional person, has an identity. What is it? A business card. Business cards were introduced way back, and they represented a person’s professional life on a small piece of paper, making the thing highly convenient for the clients, workers, and everyone else in the business. Most of the online freelancers and bloggers feel that there is no need for them to be carrying a business card in their pockets, because their work is online. Why would they need to distribute information about them offline. And some other arguments as well. In this article, we will discuss, why do bloggers need business cards?

Interest Generation:

A business card is a really amazing way to generate more interest about your blog or site, in the person, you are giving it to. Keeping the basic things mentioned nicely and shortly, makes the person to be opening up your blog right away, and learn what it is actually about.

Official Representation:

There is a chance, that you meet a person of interest, who could help you generate more revenue from your blog, and you tell them your blog address and name. But, don’t you think, you might not be the only blogger, who they are meeting, and they do not get mixed up with the other addresses, and bloggers. A business card will keep a clear picture about you, and your blog in that person’s mind, and you can be very much more confident.

Offline Client Interaction:

There is not a 100% probability, that all your clients work online. It might just be a firm operating offline, but having some associates like you online. They need business cards to keep records. There is nothing, that you can use to escape this.

They are Cheap:

Getting a set of business cards printed is not a job of spending a great amount of capital. They are dirt cheap, and cost even less than a Mcdonalds Mini meal. They will be a lot convenient to be ordered online, or just getting them designed from your own designer.

Not Everyone Carries Pen and Paper:

You are discussing your business with someone. Do you believe that they are carrying a pen and paper everytime, to note down your blog’s URL address, and well, no one has that sharp of a memory to be remembering everyone and everything they come across. You give them your business card, they get all the information.

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