5 Best WordPress Premium News Theme

WordPress goes professional with the CMS fashioned Premium News Theme family. Turn WordPress into an authority site with the click of a button, as Premium News transforms your site into a rich portal!

Premium News Theme: Taking Newspaper Themes to a Whole New Level

Not since WordPress Revolution Theme have I seen such a worthy investment – Premium News Theme personifies everything a premium WordPress theme should be. Get the total bang for your buck with this truly customized, feature packed, professionally designed solution! Created by the newly organized WordPress theme club, WooThemes.com, WordPress Premium News Themes are the most popular addition to their long line of other premium WordPress themes.

Much like any WordPress theme (if you’re familiar), simply drag and drop the theme directly into your /wp-themes/ folder, and activate it via your admin panel in WordPress. Within seconds, your site will be transformed with a full-fledged portal, that even the most discerning visitors will not be able to say “that’s a WordPress site…”

Unlike other premium WordPress themes I’ve reviewed, WordPress Premium News Theme comes available in 3 very different themes packed with their own personality and also two other best news theme. Each theme has an equal level of detail and hard work baked in – making your decision unbearably hard. There’s no doubt that by simply looking at screenshots of these themes, your mind will race as you think of the many business possibilities that can come from owning a website of this caliber.

Don’t forget that the cost incurred for the amount of hours and detail a freelancer would charge you to make a theme like Premium News Theme would far exceed that of its purchase. That alone makes its cost look like a spit in the ocean. This is the true pinnacle of  responsive graphic design and SEO compliant web development.

Looking Under the Hood of WordPress Premium News Theme

It’s difficult to review WordPress Premium News Theme as a whole, considering each theme has its own personality. However, one thing is certain – Premium News Theme has a healthy mix of clean CSS, Ajax and linear design that is easily embeddable for those with moderate CSS & HTML knowledge. In order to present the full experience of these themes, take a closer look at each individual WordPress Premium News Theme:

If you’re creating your own online magazine, newspaper or celebrity blog site – you’ll need a web framework that puts a lot of content in front of your visitors’ faces without falling prey to clutter and confusion. Woo Themes’ line of magazine and newspaper themes does just that: putting content first, and making other elements such as RSS grabs, categories, previous news articles and archives within arm’s reach. Finding your ultimate magazine theme is easy, as there are multiple formats putting specific areas of your content in better view, while giving significant attention to your banner and text ads.

Premium News Themes…use ’em …or mass produce ’em!

1) Single license: Buy and use it for one website,
2) Developer’s license: Re-manufacture it, and start making a profit!

WordPress Premium News Theme: Fresh News

Oldest & best selling news themes

WordPress Premium News Theme’s Fresh News is the most versatile of them all: with out of the box features including built-in Gravatars for post comments, custom individual page templates, an automatic image sizing option, Asides, Flickr and Feedburner.com integration, a video panel, banner & affiliate ad spots and more – Fresh News is also the only WordPress Premium News Theme to come in 8 different color schemes! Fresh News comes in a blog version, too.

Unique Features :

Featured Post Slider
Custom Typography
Custom Widgets
Alternative Styles

Standard Package- $79

Developer Package $139

Buy or Try a Demo of WordPress Premium News: Fresh News

WordPress Premium News Theme: Currents

Fully responsive, news driven & content focused theme 

Available in multicolor color schemes: WordPress Premium News theme Currents is your classic WordPress newspaper theme with a feature article call-out box, drop-down menus, a sidebar AJAX box that sifts through Latest News, Most Read & Most Commented articles, Feed burner and Flickr compatibility, multiple page themes and advertising spot possibilities.

Unique Features :

Fully Responsive And Flexible Design
Featured Page and Post Slider
Custom News Manage Areas
Author Based Profiles
Focus on News Headlines
Custom Theme Typography
Custom Theme Widgets
Alternative Unique Styles

Standard Package- $79

Developer Package $139

Buy or Try a Demo of WordPress Premium News: Live Wire 2.0

WordPress Premium News Theme: The Gazette Edition

Sophisticated-looking theme to community newspaper

The next best damn thing to running CNN.com – this masterfully-designed WordPress magazine theme: WordPress Premium News Theme “The Gazette Edition”, utilizes every little bit of space with extreme precision, eliminating both clutter and needless white space. The front page greets you with a shifting headlines box (complete with text captions that you choose!), followed by four sub-headline boxes, and a video playlist. The sidebar features the usual AJAX-based tab menu for tag and post lists, multiple advertising venues, Flickr images and more. Aside from Flash News (as seen above), this is undoubtedly my favorite Premium News design – and the neat CSS file is sure to please!

Unique Features
Beautiful custom featured slider
   Optional video module for home page.
    Multiple layouts for homepage
    4 cool color schemes

Standard Package- $79

Developer Package $139

Buy or Try a Demo of WordPress Premium News: Gazette Edition

Weekly News WordPress Theme

For newspaper publishers,weekly magazine or any advanced blogs

A great choice for any news & media site: the Original Premium News WordPress Theme has all of the features you need on a clean white backdrop. Scroll through headline articles on the front page via clickable thumbnails, flip down both top menu items & sidebar menus by simply hovering over their titles, display Flickr, and tab through various article functions in AJAX.

Unique Features :

Fully Responsive
Unique Post Layouts
Visual Composer
Great Category Based Layouts
Ads Platform
RTL & Trnaslation Ready

Standard Package- $48

Buy or Try a Demo of Premium News WordPress Theme

WordPress NewsPress Theme

A complete news theme for wordpress with excellent flexibility & usability

Similar to “Premium News WordPress Theme,” WordPress NewsPress Theme is mainly suited for bloggers looking to implement a picture-rich interface and break free of the monotony of standard text blocks. This powerful theme is backed up by featured article blocks, sub-article squares, and a sidebar including a tabbed menu, Youtube video sifter, and multiple ad spots. As usual, expand your horizons with multiple page templates!

Unique Features :

Threaded Comments
Admin Options Page
CSS3 Drop shadows
3 Pages
Cufon Font
Clickable Logo
Wordpress 4.0 Nav Menu
Separate PSD Logo
jQuery Drop down Men
Featured Fader for Content
Toggle Widget

Standard Package- $33

Buy or Try a Demo of WordPress NewsPress Theme

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