Tips for Designing Cool Business Cards

In this competitive and busy world, no one really has time to be noting down about your work and business, or taking out his smartphone to save your details. Business cards are as vital as oxygen for you in your business and career life. That small piece of paper, represents you, and tells about you, what you do, what can you offer, and that small piece of paper can get your orders and business, that you can’t even imagine. Having an impressive business card is very important, and in this post, we will tell you some cool business card facts, to take care of,when ordering one for yourself:

Cool Business Cards


The color of your Business Card matters a lot! You may leave this thing on the theme of your business. If you have a firm that does the backend work, like that of computer programming, accounts, etc, keep it simple, but for a firm offering creative services, a good colorful business card will look very good and effective!

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Images are vital to be present everywhere, and same is the case with the business cards. The choice of what images you need on your Business card lies with you. If you are someone who gets to meet people face to face, or need to leave an identity of yours, to make things easier, get your photograph printed on the business card, or if you represent an organization, or firm, you can just get its logo printed, and the job is done. People also get their motto or taglines printed in the form of images on the Business cards, but that is much of a personal choice.


We love to customize text using fonts. We can do the same here on the business cards too. If you want to make it more creative and make it look more attractive, appealing and cooler you may want to alter with the basic Arial and times new roman fonts, and choose the ones which you like the most. There are hundreds of options to choose from in case of fonts, and you may implement the choice on the basis of your theme of work, etc.

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Make the Card Unique:

If you want people to have a really unique and cool business impression about you, you can make your card unique. This way, the person will remember you with the help of your card itself, getting to know about who gave him the unique card, whenever he looks at it. This is a great option for brokers, freelancers, etc., to take care of while getting their business cards designed.

What to Include:

You seriously need to take care of this thing! Some people just end up adding a lot of irrelevant information in the card, which makes the other person difficult to look for what he needs to in the card actually. Include only the important points, about your designation, organization, and basic contact details. This will help you get better responses, and will make the card look even more professional and best.

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