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Elegant Themes is a WordPress themes club that provides premium WordPress themes for a yearly subscription of-entire collection of 87 themes for only $69. They allow members to use their themes on an unlimited number of blogs, given that the member owns the blogs. As of April 2015, Elegant Themes’ inventory has 87 high quality WordPress themes. I wrote this review based on my own experiences with Elegant Themes and I update this article every month to make sure that I include their latest additions.

Signing up for Elegant WordPress Themes is by far the best decision I made to take my WordPress blogs to the next level. It was only a tiny 69  for a whole year, and well worth the investment. The most fascinating thing is that every time I visit www.elegantthemes.com, there’s a new stunning theme, totally different from the previous ones (it actually tells my mind to go ahead, grab it and put up a killer blog and I can’t resist it!).

I like to define Elegant WordPress themes as “an unlimited supply of high quality, premium WordPress themes for just 69, for all your blogs.” Nick makes sure that every elegant theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress as well as most popular internet browsers (personally I admire this feature very much because I use Opera as my primary browser). Once you become a member, you are given full access to their client area where you can download any theme at your will. The code is not encrypted, not even the footer copyrights as in some themes, so that you can easily tailor them to suit your personal needs. As Nick (Nick Roach – the extremely talented designer behind Elegant Themes) says, every elegant theme comes with the following standard set of features.

Common Features –

  • Compatible with the popular internet browsers like Internet Explorer (IE8 + IE7 + IE6), Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Netscape, Google Chrome and Safari
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Several Color Schemes
  • Threaded Comments
  • Gravatar ready
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Theme Options Page
  • Custom thumbnail images
  • PSD files – Logo, UI etc.
  • Valid XHTML + CSS
  • Smooth tabless design

I forgot to mention that the membership gets you access to their exclusive support forum. It is a community full of members who are willing to help out each other. In my personal experience, when I had an issue in the header of the e Gallery theme, the forum was the place that had the answer. One of the members has posted the fix in the section devoted to the theme (Inside Elegant Themes’ forum, posts are mainly categorized by theme. This way, things stay relevant to the theme and it is very organized).

As of april, 2015 Elegant Themes have over 87 themes. Check out my review on best 35 of them:

But first lets check the latest DIVI 2 – the smartest & most flexible theme in the whole collection.

Divi WordPress Theme


With Divi, the your theme imagination and dream willl satisfy with a perfect satisfaction – sky’s the limit of options where you can make any type or layout based theme – in a word this is all about a theme builder  where your imagination is the only limit – what you want it could be happen here .


TheCorporation Theme


One of my favorite from Elegant Themes. It’s a sleek and professional theme suited mainly for business sites. TheCorporation theme comes in six color schemes. What I like mostly about this theme is its home page. The home page’s jQuery slider can easily be used to highlight the most important aspects of a business in a very impressive way.

BusinessCard Theme


The BusinessCard theme is the simplest looking theme in elegant themes. Its appearance looks just like a business card, so the name given to it says it all. It’s a cool new concept that cannot be seen elsewhere. This theme is suited for professionals who want to give clear and conscious information to their readers/clients. The BusinessCard theme comes in five different colors.

OnTheGo Theme


An amusing theme in Elegant Theme’s inventory. It’s completely hand-drawn and it aims to make sure that your blogs stands out amongst the rest. For me OnTheGo theme demonstrates the fun loving atmosphere and adds a pleasant personality to any blog. This theme comes in four different color schemes.

Deviant Theme


Deviant theme has bold titles and comes in a grungy background. Its left aligned structure gives it a notebook-like look. It can be well suited for those who are having short journal blogs. The Deviant theme comes in six different color schemes.

Lumin Theme



The Lumin theme is a sleek and professional looking theme. It features a CMS style and gives you the ability to maintain a separate blog and a gallery section, whist maintaining the page-based layout. The Lumin theme comes in three different color schemes.

Glow Theme


A flashy looking theme in Elegant Theme’s inventory that comes with bright colors and bold text. Glow is very attention grabbing and can be used for general blogs that maintain a slightly official relationship with their users. The Glow theme comes in four different color schemes.

eNews Theme


Intended for content intensive blogs, Elegant Themes’ eNews features a professional and clean view. eNews is designed with user-friendliness in mind and is suited for news blogs. This theme comes in five different color schemes.

Bold Theme


A little gloomy looking theme full of creativity. Bold theme features bold typography and sketchy qualities. The Bold theme is more suited for creative blogs that, at the same time, are content intensive. This theme comes in five different color schemes.

ePhoto Theme


One of Elegant Themes’ unique WordPress themes. ePhoto is all about photos. You can turn your blog into a photo gallery in minutes with this theme. It features a modern layout and provides your blog with a rich and interactive look. The ePhoto theme comes in two different colors.

eBusiness Theme


The eBusiness theme is suited for those are looking a quality WordPress theme for business purposes; such as to use as the company website, and to showcase portfolio and products. This theme has three unique skins and a total of nine colors to choose from, making it one of the most customizable themes in Elegant Themes.

CherryTruffle Theme


A fresh and clear layout, designed specifically for those who need to take their personal blog to the next level. What I most like about CherryTruffle is that is has extra space for ads; one banner on the header and four 125×125 boxes on the right. This theme comes in three different colors.

PureType Theme


PureType is a theme that focuses on text. It gives less space for images and more and more for content. The PureType is ideal for personal blogging and there are two layouts to choose from. This theme comes in three unique colors.

Basic Theme


A standard “blog style” theme designed by Elegant Themes. It features a basic, clean look and feel making it easier for the users to read through a blog. Basic is a theme that focuses displaying content in an orderly fashion. It comes in four color schemes.

Coldstone Theme


This theme comes with a blend of grungy and professional elements.  It has three different homepage layouts; Business, Blog, and Magazine. For me Coldstone is an all in one theme because of these layouts. It doesn’t have any color options as it comes in layouts.

Lightsource Theme


One of the most elegant yet simple themes in Elegant Themes. It’s full of colors and adequate brightness. The Lightsource theme comes with three different color schemes, three advertisement areas and an optional blog style layout.

eGamer Theme

A theme designed for blogger who blog about video games. It is equipped with powerful review features, in-built video embedding features and blog monetization features by featuring posts dynamically on the blog. The eGamer theme comes in two layouts; Magazine and Blog.

eVid Theme


Elegant Themes’ eVid is specifically designed for video bloggers, and for any site that requires extensive video featuring in the posts. This theme can be well suited for watch movies online sites that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The theme support popular video hosts such as Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, MetaCafe, and so on. The eVid theme comes in two color schemes.

Cion Theme


A good classy theme for personal blogs. It features a simple, classic design without much flashy elements. This theme comes in three color schemes.

eGallery Theme


Elegant Themes’ eGallery is a theme that addresses another specific niche requirement. It is specifically designed to transform your blog in to a fully functional online galley. You can showcase your artwork easily by using this theme. The eGallery theme comes in two different color themes.

GrungeMag Theme


A grungy style magazine WordPress theme. It comes in three different color schemes.

Influx Theme


Elegant Themes’ Influx is a theme that comes with four different skins; Default, Grunge, Subtlety and Oceanic. In overall it is a clean template that has the potential to address many types of audiences.

StudioBlue Theme


A smooth WordPress theme designed to provide a smooth experience for users. This comes in five different color schemes.

WhosWho Theme


A great theme for news blogs that features a clean style. The WhosWho theme comes in four different color schemes.

InterPhase Theme


InterPhase is a clean wordpress theme that can be used for technology blogs. It has a professional look and feel. Unlike other elegant WordPress themes, this theme does not come with additional color schemes.

Wooden Theme


Wooden has a woody background and features a clean, professional look. This theme comes in four different colors.

Tidalforce Theme


The Tidalforce theme features a smooth blue design and remains modest in its display.

EarthlyTouch Theme


A simple WordPress theme; easy for your eyes and easy to navigate through. The EarthlyTouch theme is ideal those who want take content intensive blogs to next level. This theme comes in five different color schemes.

Quadro Theme


Elegant themes’ Quadro is a stylish and sleek WordPress theme. This theme comes is five different color schemes.

ArtSee Theme


One of the simplest themes in Elegant Themes. It is ideal for those who are looking to maintain a portfolio blog.

Simplism Theme


Simplism shares a similar look and feel with the Quadro theme. It’s sleek and stylish. This theme comes in five different color schemes.

BlueMist Theme


A light colored theme that is ideal for a modern content rich blog.

Bluesky Theme


Elegant Themes’ Bluesky is a smoothly designed theme. It has a simple design and it comes in four different color schemes.

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