How to Handle Tough Deadlines?

In today’s fast paced life one word that has been continuously following us is none other than deadlines. Any and every work that you take at hand, right from the personal household chores to other professional commitments at large, everything is sure to come complete with deadlines. Many a times people are so hassled by this word that they end up giving a miss to the important deadlines and are left annoyed and frustrated. The best way out is to take control of the situation and learn to handle tough deadlines. We will now see how one can go about with the same.

Handle Tough Deadlines

Lay Down Priorities:

With every day that passes by responsibilities go on increasing and a number of deadlines are left to be met. Most of the time we fail to plan our activities in advance and hence are left unaware about the deadlines that require immediate attention and others which can be taken care of in due course of time. The end result of the same is meeting deadlines that are not of immediate urgency, while the ones that were crucial are completely forgotten about. The best way out of this mess is to prioritize your work so that you can be sure about the deadlines that need to be dealt with on an immediate basis and others which can be met in the near future.

Manage Your Time:

One favorite statement that none of us believe in giving a miss is “I didn’t find time”. The reason behind our inability to find time in order to complete critical tasks at hand is mainly because of our wrongly worked out schedules. We end up finishing work as and when we remember about the same. This is exactly why all the unproductive activities get completed in time, while the concrete ones never even find place on the table. What’s next is missing on the deadlines. The only wise solution out here is to schedule your activities well in advance so that your time is properly managed and not a single deadline is missed.

Learn to Say No:

Yet another problem with most of us is that we never say No. Any and every work that comes our way we just keep giving it a nod without taking into consideration the pre existing workload. Moreover, our plate gets over filled and we are unable to do justice to each and every item on the plate. In short, we end up giving so many commitments that we are unable to rightly fulfill each one of it. Hence, it is vital to say a No. In short, if you want to meet deadlines, it is essential for you to only take up that much work that is within your actual capacity.

Break Down the Work:

Last, but not the least comes another way of meeting deadlines, which is to segregate your work into different stages. Moreover, you can lay down different steps that you would pass through before completing the task at hand. The simplest way is to fix a start as well as end date to the activity that needs to be completed. If you follow the break down schedule to the tee, you will be able to complete the task as per the pre-decided deadline.

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