5 Things Freelancers don’t Like to Hear from Clients

Do You find it difficult to get good freelancers for Your work? Here I am talking about good freelancer who have experience in their field. Getting an efficient freelancer is not an easy task, Most of the freelancers will avoid to work with a client who interfere a lot in freelancer’s work or pay less etc. In this post we are going to share 5 Things Freelancers don’t Like to Hear from Clients. By following these 5 points, You can get some skilled and experienced freelancers for Your work.


Fellow Freelancers are Working at Lesser Rates:

One comment that most of the freelancers heavily dislike hearing from their clients is with regards to fellow freelancers who are willing to work at lower and unjustified rates. Freelancers tend to hold a deep belief within themselves that the hardwork that they are putting in, in order to complete the tasks at hand carry undefined limits and thus they deserve to be paid sums that well complement their efforts. Moreover, they dislike being indirectly compared with other freelancers as they are of the view that the quality of work dispensed by each and every freelancer tends to differ drastically.

No Project is Active at Present:

A good number of freelancers tend to patronize certain selective clients with whom they look forward to have long lasting working relationships. In this process, they fail to explore other alternatives and tend to heavily rely on certain select group of clients. Moreover, they are seen earning their entire bread and butter from a particular set of clients. Hence, when any of these clients tell the freelancer that they do not have any projects at hand, which can be further passed onto these freelancers they feel extremely upset and low as their entire earning schedule is likely to get disrupted by the same.

Your Work Quality is Declining:

Yet another client opinion that tends to negatively hit freelancers is with regards to the decling quality of work putforth by these freelancers at large. Most of the freelancers tend to put in a good deal of their precious time, energy and efforts in the tasks and projects alloted to them with the sole focus being on making the client happy and satisfied. They tend to carry out sufficient amount of research before rolling out the alloted projects as well. High Quality work always tends to remain a priority for most of the freelancers. Amidst this if the quality of work presented by these freelancers is put to question it’s sure to leave them sad and depressed.

You Are Not Meeting Deadlines:

When projects are alloted to freelancers they are generally presented with a time frame within which they are expected to complete and submit the tasks at hand. Most of the times these freelancers make it a point to work day in and day out with the sole objective of finishing the work on or before time. At times, freelancers tend to get overburdened with work due to the wrong time estimates worked out by them or even because of the force laid down by clients in order to prepone pre scheduled deadlines. With all this pressure and more when clients tend to question the capability of the freelancer he or she feels completely distraught as they see their efforts going unrecognized.

Constant Pestering of Random Form:

Last, but not the least one area of behavior associated with clients that acts as a heavy pressure point and turn off for freelancers is the unreasonable pestering that clients engage in on a continuous basis. One common form of pestering comes in the form of round the clock reminders via various modes of communication such as emails, phone messaging, phone calls and so on and so forth. When this attitude is portrayed by clients freelancers experience a feeling of being distrusted by the client, which further ends up lowering down their inclination towards work.

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