Ideas for Your Personal Website Design

Discover more about your family and connect with relatives you may have never contacted. Design a website focused around your family tree and see how many pieces of the puzzle you can find and put together. There are some great sites out there that can help you with this. Do a search for “family tree” and you will find a few good places to start.

Do you have a passion for your

hobby? Whether it is quilting or backyard railroading, waterskiing or rock climbing, you can showcase your experience and find others who share your interest online. Creating a hobby website is fun and can help you appreciate your interest even more by finding out how many others share your love. You can even set up your site to include tutorials and tips for novices who are just beginning with your hobby.

Your website can also be a fun tool for your

family to stay connected. Create a website with photo albums, a family tree, a kids section, family reunion calendar, and more. It’s up to you how little or how much you want to put on your website. Encourage other family members to make their website as well or to offer up photos and stories that you can post on your website.

Create a

non-profit website. You can even get a website with the .org suffix to show all of your visitors that you represent a non-profit organization. This is a great way to volunteer and help out with a favorite local organization or charity. You don’t have to travel to help out with your favorite charity – you can design a website right from your home office. Post helpful information to give others a chance to get involved. Spread the word and see how many visitors you can get to support your cause. You can even start a fundraising effort online.

Use your website to

teach in an area you have expertise. The Internet can be a wonderful and convenient learning tool for all ages. Even kids as young as three years old are exhibiting better computer skills than some adults! With information right at their fingertips, students of all ages are looking to the Internet to learn more about all different topics. Your website can be their avenue to gaining better knowledge in your field.

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