Tips for Designing an Affiliate Website

If you are an aspiring affiliate marketer, designing your website is probably going to be the most difficult part of the process for you. Most affiliates are business-minded and not so technical savvy, but design doesn’t have to be a struggle for you. You could hire someone to design the website, but this can get quite expensive. Even if you choose to hire a professional for the initial creation of your site, you will probably want to learn the HTML codes for your affiliate products

so you can make small adjustments yourself. In the long run, it will get very costly to call on a professional to do every little design change for you. So, here are some basic design tips to help get your affiliate website up and to keep it working:

Focus on Your Niche

You already know this, but let’s reiterate. A lot of affiliate marketers are unsuccessful because they do not implement this step correctly. You must find a niche and create your website specifically for that audience. Choose affiliate products that solve a problem for your audience. Determine all of this BEFORE you design your site. (It is difficult to solve a problem without first knowing what that problem is.)

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Design, Just Get the Job Done

Once you get comfortable designing, it can be quite fun. It’s easy to get carried away with fonts and colors, but what really matters is getting the job done. These design elements are important, but if you have nothing to base your decisions on then don’t waste time at this stage of the game. Just pick something now, get your site up and running, and test for design elements later.

Choose Simple Software

Consider using a website builder from your web hosting company. They will often offer this for free as part of your hosting package. Their software is usually very basic, (after all it is free), so you don’t get all the bells and whistles. But you don’t know how to code all the bells and whistles anyway, so don’t worry about it. Again, just get the job done and you can tweak/test it later.

Test It

That brings us to testing. Testing is absolutely crucial to your long-term affiliate marketing success. You need to know what works for which niche markets and which products. You need to change certain design aspects and test them to see what works better. Some don’t consider testing a part of website design, but the reality is that you will need to deal with the layout and format of your website (which is part of design) in order to run most of your tests. So, become familiar with design basics and you will find you have less frustration in the long run.

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