Effective Tips for Web Designers

Web designing is a job, well mastered, if you practice it, and provide the best results in the least time possible, and keeping the client, and the whole team as happy as possible you will get the maximum exposure. And SEO is something, that keeps going on, never does stop, and is as vast as anything that exists. But, there is a part of SEO, that the web designers also need to take care of, and assist the fellow SEO mates in achieving the best goals for their corporation. This type of SEO, is known as the On page SEO, and involves some basic web designing assets to be considered. Talking about them, we have the following considerations to take care of.

Tips for Web Designers

If you are a web designer then here are some tips for Web Designers that will help you to give good results which in return let you grab more clients and more money. Let’s have a quick look at few Effective Tips for Web Designers.

Effective Tips for Web Designers:

Use ALT and TITLE Attribute:

Generally this is something, that in the course of time, we miss, because of the deadly deadline hitting the head, and considering this a pity thing when it comes to discussing web designing. Well, maybe not for web designing, but, these are the 2 attributes, that must be included in your web page code, to integrate a much more effective and better SEO into the project.

Do not Use Generic Links:

Yes, the generic links are easier to create, take comparatively less time, but, well, they actually affect the search engine rankings. Bring out those extra 10 minutes, and prefer to use the relevant links for every thing, and every web page, rather than just using generic links for saving time and efforts.

Give Priority to First Set of Sentences from Your Content:

 The very first paragraphs play a huge role in the overall SEO for your website. The first thing that the search engines scan, is the first few lines of the paragraph, or content from your website.

Use Google Webmaster Tools:

There is a lot of stuff about our website, that we don’t even know, and all of them are very essential in tracking down the search engine optimization improvements. These tools can be integrated into the system, and are very convenient, because of their cool internal/external linking criteria.

Do not Use Frames:

Frames make the website look cooler, and also makes the coding job much, much less time consuming, but they actually make your website load slower, which affect the overall SEO growth parameters very badly. The search engine is unable to scan the important content, because of this, and most of the effort, that you made go in vain. So, prefer not using frames, and use the other SEO friendly alternatives available.

Say Yes to Text, and No to Images:

Most of the search engines, work on text. They scan the text, and show back the relevant results. Considering this fact, try to integrate more text in your content, rather than images. This will be much helpful.

Come Up with a Good and Valid Markup:

Search engines will only index your well, and rank you well, if you have a good and valid markup on your website. They get you the relevant content, they are looking for.

Well, These are basic but very effective tips for web designers to make the most out of their work. Don’t forget to share your valuable suggestions with us.

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