23 Creative Resume Designs of 2014

When you are getting married, you take care of a lot of things, about the other person knowing everything about you, in brief shot. Well, when a company is hiring you, you are kind of professionally getting married to the firm. The company must know everything about you. But, how do you create a standard of information about you, in a cool impressive manner? Nothing, but by creating an effective resume. A resume is a legal commercial document, with information about your professional life, your qualifications, work Ex’s, etc. The employer gets a quick brief about everything, in your professional life.

A Creative Resume is so vital, that even some people offer Resume Making services, and actually, earn a great fortune. But as someone already unemployed and running short of money, this is not an option for you. You will have to be making your own Creative Resume yourself. And, trust me, it is very easy to make a Creative Resume Design. All you need is to know the basics, and innovation, that lies in everyone of us.

There is also this great chance, that you don’t really have time for this, and  no money to pay someone to make it for you. Well, there are these Creative Resume Designs of 2014 available throughout the Internet, which just need quick edits, like a web template and stuff, and your job is done! A lot of these Creative Resume Designs are available, some might be too fancy, some might be too dull. Choosing the right one, is a hard task, and to make it easy, here are some shortlisted, most Creative Resume designs of 2014.

Creative Resume Designs:

Let’s have a quick look at the collection of some of the most Creative Resume Designs of 2014.

Brennan Gleason:

Brennan Gleason

Cathlyn Vania:

Cathlyn Vania

Charlotte Allen:

Charlotte Allen


Dylan O’neil

Francesco Rivieccio:

Francesco Rivieccio

Guilherme Twardowski:

Guilherme Twardowski

Jess Ernst:

Jess Ernst

Maria Gabriella Aronne:

Maria Gabriella Aronne



Silviu Ardelean:

Silviu Ardelean

Mariel Empit:

Mariel Empit

Jared Noles:

Jared Noles

Gaël Jaffrezic:

Gaël Jaffrezic

David Retamozo:

David Retamozo

Luca Polizzotto:

Luca Polizzotto

Junbin Guo:

Junbin Guo

Camila Soto:

Camila Soto

Anton Yermolov:

Anton Yermolov

Jo Zhou:

Jo Zhou

Aidyn Anh Huynh:

Aidyn Anh Huynh

Alyssa Lorfing:

Alyssa Lorfing

Simone Primo:

Simone Primo

Meiji IP:

Meiji IP

Best of luck in your career venture! Also, Don’t forget to share your valuable suggestion with us regarding these Creative Resume Designs of 2014 in the comments section.

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