Smart Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Blog

You are reading this post, either because you are a new blogger, or an old one who just got feedbacks about your blog being a laggy one, and making their systems get slow and giving them an irritating experience. Or, you are a new person, who wants wonderful conversion rates from the very start, and so you are working on making it a better blog in any case. It is very important that your blog works smooth all the time, the process is quick and the users, while accessing it do not face the irritation, because of the slow and laggy blog, you have, which will lead to lower conversion rates, and the people will eventually stop visiting your blog and you get the poorest conversion rates. There are a lot of factors, to take care of while working on WordPress blog to Speed Up your WordPress Blog, Let’s check out some of the smart ways to speed up your WordPress blog.

speed up your wordpress blog
We recently shared a list of best wordpress plugins to reduce the bounce rate and today we are here with few smart ways to Speed Up your WordPress Blog.


Keep the number of plugins limited to the least amount. Use the plugins that will be required and don’t use the ones that are for a purpose of nothing really useful. Keep the plugin count least, and keep it simple. Lesser the number of plugins, lesser the load on the servers, better the performance.

Keep Everything Local:

Sometimes we rely on 3rd party sites, and other servers in our data, like the images, scripts, codes, etc. This takes a longer time in loading, depending upon the load on the 3rd party server, etc. When everything is local to your server, it will load faster, efficient, and work better!

Choose the Right Theme:

It is very important to work on choosing the right themes! A theme has all of it. The images, the content, the features, the plugins, which will make the site run faster, or slower, depending upon what the theme contains in it! The theme is a very vital part in defining the performance and efficiency on both the client side and server side. If you have a minimal theme with a simple flat design, it will work better in the case.

Keep the Code Clean:

The code is the core of any computer program, any cms, any site, and a good code makes the site work good too! The code should be less complex, and the least complex code will always load faster, will always make the site work wonderfully and smoothly, and the site will give wonderful conversion rates and the people will love to keep on visiting it back.

Compress Images on Your Blog:

If you don’t know this already, the images can be as high as 10 MB in size. The whole world doesn’t have a fast internet connection, and this will lead to larger loading times in your blog. Keep the size of the images as low as possible, not making the quality look bad too. Keep it reasonable for the best amount possible.

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