5 WordPress Professional Themes for Business

WordPress Themes for Business

If you’re in business, then you might be thinking “Well, I want a WordPress theme for my business – but I don’t like WordPress themes I’ve seen”.

The thing is, WordPress can be designed to look however you want it to. And there are a few ways to achieve this.

There are many websites that are running on WordPress already – and maybe you just never realised because they’re using WordPress themes for business.

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Schema: Fastest SEO WordPress Theme

After a big analysis and many trials i found a best wordpress theme schema that resulted me the most enjoyable blogging experience with so many new visitors every day and revenue. I am now going to explain you that schema which may help you even.

If you are like me, you want to get right to blogging without having to worry about coding in CSS or HTML. This is exactly what makes schema the best blog theme you can buy.

No need to worry about learning those coding languages. Schema makes it very easy for even the greenest beginner to start blogging on a great theme, and customize it so that it is one of a kind.

Don’t worry about having to code, just get right to generating your content, and building your web presence.

As every blogger knows that links are the key elements that build traffic to any website, here i would like to say that not only the links from other sites brings traffic for you but the links from your site from one page to another page will also build very good traffic. If you have links from one page to another there is every possibility for the visitor to click that link and visit another page. The more a visitor spends on your blog the more there is a possibility to earn much revenue.

For building links from one page to another i used two methods, one is building links with words from the content to other relevant posts and second is showing few links to other posts of my blog that are relevant to the entire content of that post at the bottom of the post. These methods of Showing Links To Related Posts really helped in building many backlinks internally and earned a lot good search engine traffic also for my blog.

Another key point is any visitor to a website look for some thing much popular on that web site. Showing most popular posts on your blog is another best way to keep a visitor spend much on your blog. Show the popular posts links on the top of the right side column which results a better response from the visitor.

Lastly the best integration is the thing what keep us much joyful of-course. For best revenue the placement of ad units is very important. You must always place the ads noticeable by the visitor who is intending to exit from that page.

Create a header just below the main header of the blog and place 728×90 rectangle in that header. This is noticeable by any visitor exiting from the top of the blog post.

Put a 300×250 big rectangle just below the popular posts in the right side column of the blog which comes to the middle of the blog and noticeable by any visitor trying to exit from the middle of the blog.

Put a horizontal link unit at the bottom of the post after the relevant post links which is noticeable by the visitor who is trying to exit from the bottom of the post.

Finally put a 160×600 rectangle at the top of the left side column which had been the best source of revenue for me as most of the internet visitors are accustomed to the left side menu on the websites. This rectangle just looks like a left side menu and improves the possibilities of clicks by the visitors.

This theme makes it easy to for anyone and everyone to get right to blogging. Need more reasons to get the theme?

Schema Rocks Because –

  1. One Time Purchase: Buy Schema one time, and you can use it on unlimited sites that you own. You also get free updates as they come out, and, access to the members area complete with forums, and helpful tips from the developers.
  2. It’s Easy: Have I mentioned how easy it is to use Schema yet? This theme takes away all of the excuses for not starting your own blog, and building your brand and business online. If I can do it, anyone can!
  3. Unlimited Domain Usage
  4. One Click Installation
  5. One Click Updates
  6. Support & Updates for 1 Year
  7. Detailed Documentation
  8. Narrated Video Tutorials
  9. Options Panel

Check Out Schema In Action

I know I have made it very clear that I believe Schema is the best blog theme out there for money making that really improved the business conversion and performance of my blog and made by blogging experience most successful and enjoyable and also I hope this post may help you also have a wonderful blogging experience. Best WordPress Themes must have this kind of schema to keep your business up. Thank you for reading with patience.

Download Schema  here.


Thesis is powerful. It has an efficient HTML/CSS/PHP framework with easy-to-use controls that you can use to fine-tune each and every page of your website with great precision that has never been possible before.

There’s no need to worry about SEO any more, with Thesis all you have to do is “just add killer content.”

You don’t have to be a coder to use this – the Thesis option panels allow you to control your site easily, while Thesis does all the work for you. Never before have website and blog owners had this much control over their site before, and this is precisely what makes Thesis indispensable to business website owners worldwide.

Who Uses Thesis?

  • Matt Cutts, Head of the Google Webspam Team – and a well known personality online because of his prominent position within Google – he uses Thesis.

There are 30,570 other users of Thesis, but I figured you might not know a lot of them 🙂

During mid 2010 though, things took a turn – and Thesis came to blows with the GPL community – and even Matt Cutts said he was considering moving back to a WordPress compliant solution. There’s been a split in the online community as to what people can do with plugins/themes etc once they’re out in the public domain, so this is just a difference of opinion over licensing in the future.

Download Thesis here


With Artisteer, once you know what you’re doing you can create new themes from scratch in under an hour. It’s been a popular choice for many developers and designers for some time now as it enables them to get a theme their client is happy with really quickly.

Artisteer enables you to immediately become a Web-design expert, editing and slicing graphics, coding XHTML and CSS, and creating WordPress themes (among others) all in minutes – without having to ever use Photoshop or Dreamweaver. You need no technical skills to use Artisteer.

If you need just a single Website template Artisteer suggest you contact any Artisteer user who can do this for you, rather than buying Artisteer and working it out for yourself – but that’s a choice for you to make… whether the cost of buying it to use it once is worthwhile to you.

Download Artisteer here

Woo Themes

WooThemes are market leaders in designing & developing beautiful, functional & customizable themes for WordPress.

Woo themes is a little different in that you’re not creating your own themes from software, but you’re either buying a premium theme to use, or joining their WordPress themes club. In the themes club you get a whole bunch of different themes you can use.

You can use Woo themes for a single website, or you can choose a developers’ license and use them on many.

Check the Woo Themes professional business theme collection here

StudioPress Themes

StudioPress themes are the perfect solution for a small businesse, or individuals, looking to establish their online presence with a professional-looking WordPress blog or website based on the core WordPress functionality.

StudioPress has a large and very active support community – thousands of people who can help you achieve what you want, quickly.

Although highly SEO optimised, the graphics of StudioPress themes are mostly not as good as you might find on Woo Themes.  So, if you’re after SEO, then StudioPress might suit your needs better – if, for you, it’s all about ‘the look’, then Woo themes might be better.

The StudioPress Genesis framework gives you the flexibility to change the theme around how you want it.

Check the professional business theme collection of StudioPress  here

WordPress has certainly come a long way since its first launch for the business owners – and is now a major CMS in the marketplace.  WordPress combines affordability (it’s free!), flexibility, rapid development, quick themes changes – and more. So no more thinking .Order or develop your theme from the above options for your business blog theme .

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