How to Use WordPress for your Website

WordPress is publishing software that was created to make the publishing experience more user-friendly for the authors of websites. It is open-source software that focuses on ease-of-use, fast uploading and posting features, and a straight-forward experience. Although WordPress is great software that is easy to use, it is not for everyone. WordPress is great for blogging, but may not be necessary for your website. If you are sure that you want to try WordPress, then read on to see how to apply it for your website.


The first step is to install the WordPress software on your web server. You can also install it on your home and/or office computers or an intranet. WordPress gives you full control over your website content so you do not have to worry about going through a third party to make modifications to your site.

Create different levels of accessibility to your backend for different team members. For instance, give your content writer the ability to post new blog updates, but restrict their access to other features they won’t need.

Next, create different user profiles for each author on your blog. Control what contact information is displayed for each user.

You can use templates to make fast changes to web pages within your site. WordPress allows you to update any part of your weblog without having to generate new pages each time.

Allow your users to subscribe to different sections of your weblog. Readers will not necessarily want to read all of your posts, but they may be interested in one category that you write about every so often. When you set up your site with different categories for your readers, they have the option to subscribe only to the categories they in which they are interested. This gives you greater opportunities for increased – and more loyal – readership.

Post to your site often using WordPress. The software was specifically designed to make your job fast and easy, so take advantage of it. When you update your site frequently, your readers know that you are still actively involved in the site and they will want to hear the latest news.

Maintain your site with photos, videos, and other media that will make your site visually appealing to you readers. Use video to demonstrate certain visual aspects of your topic or to show your face to your readers to make it a more personal experience. Use audio clips and link to other websites to give your readers a rich experience.

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