SEO Basics for Effective Website Design

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of designing your website in a way that is ideal for search engine scanning. When a search engine scours the Internet for matches on a keyword or phrase, there are many factors that go into its ranking system. The websites that rank highest will appear first in the search results. You want your website at the top of that list for the keywords your target audience is searching. Here are some tips to help you optimize your website for search engines:

Use keyword-rich content

In general, you want to use your keywords frequently in your content. Be careful not to overdo it though; you want your content to make sense. Do not write a sentence simply for the purpose of cramming a keyword in there.

Use keywords “high up” in your website

The more prominent the keyword, the better it will be picked up by search engine spiders. Having a keyword in your URL, your headlines, titles, article summaries, etc. will do great things for your page rank.

Use keywords “deep” in your website


Not only will it help you to use keywords on your homepage, it will also do your ranking justice to weave your keywords throughout many pages of your website.

Create links on keywords

Search engines give great weight to web pages that have links on keywords than to those that simply contain the keyword within the text.

Link to other pages within your site using keywords


he more your users click back and forth between pages of your site using keywords as those links, the higher your site will rank.

The more you use these practices, the better you will get at search engine optimization. SEO is a skill that comes with practice and it is constantly evolving as well. It is a online business practice that has just recently become unveiled. There are always new and exciting developments in SEO techniques. So keep researching to find new and better ways to optimize your website.

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