How Can I Build my Website for Free

Superior website creation and design can definitely be costly. A great web designer could cost you thousands of dollars. However, there are a few options that may help you if you are on a tight budget – or if you have no budget – for website design. Doing it yourself is the name of the game. But, you don’t have to have design experience to make a decent website. In fact, you can even get someone else to do it for free! Read on to find out how:


Use your Web Host’s Software to Build your Website for Free

Many web hosting services will actually offer you free website builder software. This software typically involves templates and easy or automatic flash tools for beginners. If you have yet to get a web host, then you may want to do that first before you worry about building your site.

Use an Online Template to Build your Website for Free

There are several online tools to help you build a basic website for free. Try typing “free web design” into your search engine and see how many pop up. Some will advertise to you and some will want to post ads on your website. Others will give you free website design on a trial basis.

Use Open Source Software to Build your Website for Free

Open source software is that which is without a traditional copyright license. It is “open” to users with the intention that other coders will improve and update its source code in order to develop a better designed software program. This means that the software is available for free download. The software may have bugs, but in general it is a good way to get your website designed for free.

Recruit an Intern or Student Designer to Build your Website for Free

Students and interns are a great resource for low-cost, cutting edge web design. Most of them are still in school or have limited experience, which is okay for you if you are just looking to get it done for free. Many of these young people have amazing design skills and are truly artistic. Their generation has grown up developing websites for fun in their spare time. You may just find a student designer who is just as good as a professional.

Students need references for their resume and published material for their portfolio, hence you can help them get what they want and get your website built for free or for a very low cost. Seek them out by placing an ad in the online classifieds (or offline classifieds for your area) for an intern web designer.

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