15+ Fresh and Unique Calendar Designs for 2014

The word designing these days just refers to designing a website, or designing a T-Shirt. But, did you know, there are more than 100 types of designs available, ranging from brochure designs, calendar designs, etc. Anything can be creative. Anything can be customized. Everything can have a touch of something new to it! The same way, discussing the calendar designs, you may put it into a broader category of Interior Designing. A calendar is something, that we look at, every morning, or every night. Why would you want to start your day with a dull white thing with a lot of numbers written on it. It’s time to add some creativity to the same. Yes, you can design your own Calendar Designs too! According to the theme of your room. According to the things you love, according to the things you like to do, and a lot of other stuff!.

Now, you must be wondering, how do you design something. Or, in fact, how do you design a calendar. Well, trust me, it is nothing like coding a new software. You can do it very easily, or just hire a designer to do it for you. But, why would you give away so much money, and not learn something new, and add a lot of exposure to your creativity buds.

Well, Here is a list of some of the very amazing and best calendar designs, that you might like to use for inspiration purposes, and get a rough idea of what the thing if all about. These are very precise, easy to work from, and are really inspiring to any new designer. Get an idea of the designs, work on your own, and help yourselves. The list of fresh and unique calendar designs for 2014 is as follows.

Unique Calendar Designs for 2014:

TypeFaces 2014 Calendar by Peter Primozic:


2014 Illustration Calendar:


2014 Calendar:


Bestiarium Calendar 2014 by Irina Vinnik:


MONO 2014 by Tomasz Kaczkowski:


2014 Calendar by Anthony Tournadre:


Square the Circle Calendar:


Colorful Letterpress Desk Calendar:


2014 Astronomical Calendar by Rida Abbasi:


2014 Robot Calendar by Sophia Adalaine Zhou:


2014 Calendar of Silly Holidays:


2014 Calendar Based on Egyptian Tattoo:


2014 Calendar called “The Twelve Nidanas”:


Hastings Jack in the Green calendar 2014:


Heimlo 2014 Calendar:


Wall Street English Calendar 2014 by Luca Fontana:


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