Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate

You setup your website and put up so much content on it, just because you want your visitors to read it, enjoy it, and continue accessing your website, and you, finally generating revenue from the same. But, did you know, that most of the visitors just open up your website, and rather than continuing to scroll, and reading more content, and exploring the site,  they either just back up, or close the window/tab, and leave your site. There is a cool term to represent this thing, known as the “Bounce rate”. As an Internet marketer, there is nothing more painful to see a lot of traffic, but no revenue coming out of it.

Avoiding bounce rate is the need of the hour in this situation, because the main motive of the website is to get sales and affiliate leads, and which is not possible with a high bounce rate. Well, if you have a WordPress website set up, you need not do anything, but to install a set of WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate. These WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate basically use various social techniques to make the user indulge into the content available on your site! Some common examples are popups, cool graphical indulgence, etc.

There might be thousands of these plugins available, that use amazing and cool optimized techniques to avoid a high bounce rate, every of it has a unique technique and approach. This is a list of some of the best WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate, which you may easily and quickly install, and enjoy lower bounce rates, and finally cool revenues and leads. A list of these cool plugins is mentioned below. Just click on the one you like, and you will get to know to install and download it!

WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Thank Me Later:

Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate

Thank me later is an amazing wordpress plugin to reduce bounce rate. This plugin allows you to send ‘thank you’ email to commenters of your blog. You are allowed to add social profile links, related posts links which will help you to increase pageviews and decreasing bounce rate.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin:

Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate

WPtouch Plugin allows you to make a mobile version of your wordpress blog or site. A mobile version will help you to improve the bounce rate because it is easy to navigate to different pages/posts by WPtouch Plugin. It is always suggested to use responsive theme or WPtouch Plugin to give better experience to mobile users .

nrelate Related Content:


nrelate Plugin helps to show related posts below the post on your blog. It increases the pageviews and helps you keep visitors for long time on your blog.

SEO Smart Links:

SEO Smart Links is a plugin that allows you to interlink your posts and pages with relevant keywords. By interlinking you can improve the bounce rate.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP):


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is one of the most popular plugin for showing related posts below the posts. It helps you to show related posts below your blog posts which helps to reduce bounce rate.

Comment Redirect:

This plugin allows you to redirect commenters to thank you page. You can add social profile links and related posts links to keep blog visitors engage on your blog.

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