15 Creative Photo Manipulation Examples

Imaging is no more a hobby these days. Many people have already adopted this as their full time career, working with the pixels, and graphics, to create something new, or just turn an ordinary image into something extraordinary. If you give your photograph to any photoshop expert, it won’t be a hard job, for him to trim you into a dashing smart dude, or just get rid of all those spots on your face, for which you have been rushing to the doctors! Photographs can be easily altered and manipulated using a lot of tools, techniques, skills, etc. All this requires is practice and technique, to learn to master this. Perfection is what is also required in the case, because photo manipulation can also be noticed by a layman, and which may lead to a lot of embarrassment for the designer, who manipulated the images, and also for the organization who got it manipulated form.

May it be for a political rally, or a banner posting, photo manipulation is done everywhere. A fake image is created out of something else, which leaves you spellbound, if you see the original actual image. There are a lot of factors involved in this art.

If you also want to learn photo manipulation, there is nothing difficult in it. Get some motivation and inspiration, look for tutorials on the internet, and you are good to go. We have prepared a list of some photo manipulation examples, with their originals, which will give you a great level of inspiration, and how this works will be clear to you. Check these out.

Creative Photo Manipulation Examples:

Break Out of Ordinary:


Mourning Oranges:


Broken Handz:

creative photo manipulation example

Matias Argés:

creative photo manipulation

Fire vs Water:




Suspended Ideas:

creative photo manipulation example

Invisible Bicycles:


The Illusion:


Be Your Own Boss:


Best Photo Manipulation:

Creative Photo Manipulation

Erik Johansson:

Creative Photo Manipulation

Cristal Reza:

creative photo manipulation example


creative photo manipulation

Martyn Robertshaw:

Creative Photo Manipulation

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