25+ Free Business Card Templates

We have a personal identity of ours, known by our names. And, there is a professional identity of ours, known by the business card we hold. A business card is a small piece of paper, containing information about your work, and some quick contact information about you like your phone number, address, etc. We come across a lot of associates and people of interest to the business daily, but how do we make all of them remember about your identity and work. We just hand them over our business card, and whenever the person needs us, or our services, he will contact as is. A professionally designed business card always helps you to grow your business by making a positive impact on your esteemed customers.

A very huge argument coming into the mind, is about the designing of the business cards. Some people prefer It to be a dull one, with less graphic content, while some want it to be all flashy and cool. It’s a personal preference, and the people choose according to their theme of work, or own self interest, etc. Business cards design actually matter. If the card is attractive, but not having the right information rightly, no use of it, and if the card is a dull one, the person might not even consider calling you. So, choose the design wisely, and timely.

You can get your business card designed from someone like a designer, who will eventually charge you well, or just get it done yourself. There are a lot of business card designs and Business Card Templates available, where you just need to quickly edit them with your desired information, and you are good to go. Quick to be prepared, easy to be printed, here are 25+ Free Business Card Templates.

Free Business Card Templates:

Recently we shared a collection of Black and White Business Card Templates and today we are here with a collection of 25+ Free Business Card Templates for you.

Creative & Clean Folder and Business Card Template:

Creative & Clean Folder and Business Card Template

Transparent Business Card Template:

Transparent Business Card Template

Double-Sided Business Card Template:

Double-Sided Business Card Template

Free Business Card Template:

Business Card Templates

Orange Business Card:


Modern Red Business Card:

Free Business Card Templates

Modern Business Card:

Free Business Card Templates

Restaurant Business Card:

Restaurant Business Card

Typography Business Card:

Typography Business Card

Web Business Card Template:

Web Business Card Template

Unique Corporate Business Card Template:


Flow Business Cards in 3 Colors:




Business Card Template:


Business Card Template – reZEAL:


Color Stripped Business Cards:


Scan my QR Code Business Cards:


Elegant Business Cards:


Media Business Cards in 2 Colors:


Print Shop Color Business Card:


Rounded Corner Business Card Design:


Clean Business Card Design:


Psd Business Card Mock-Up:


Industrial Business Card:


Creative Business Card Template:


Business Card Mock-Up:


Creative Business Card:


Rainbow Business Card Template:


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