10 Best jQuery Plugins of 2014

JQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It was released in January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. It is currently developed by a team of developers led by Dave Methvin. Used by over 80% of the 10,000 most visited websites, and because of its extensive and wonderful extensibility, it is the most widely used Javascript library used today. This is a free, open source library, and registered under the M.I.T License.

The JQuery’s syntax is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop Ajax applications. JQuery also provides capabilities for developers to create plug-ins on top of the JavaScript library. JQuery is basically an open source Java script library, that provides wonderful plugins on the website, simplifying the user experience who is reading that HTML document, and the developer who is developing it. A jQuery plugin is simply a new method that we use to extend jQuery’s prototype object.

By extending the prototype object you enable all jQuery objects to inherit any methods that you add. Writing these jQuery plugins is also not a task very tough to achieve, all you need to have is to understand the basic and logical understanding of Java script, and you can code any jQuery plugin as you want, and embed it over your web page. There are already so many jQuery developers working on it, and creating a lot of jQuery plugins. Some of them are trying to sell it, some distributing it for free, and it becomes a difficult task to choose among the huge list. Here is a list of 10 best jQuery plugins, available to download, in and around may 2014. These are great, cheap, effective, and much useful.

Best Jquery Plugins of 2014:


Best jQuery Plugins of 2014



Tip Cards Plugin:


jQuery Panorama:



Best jQuery Plugins of 2014





Image Lightbox:


Classy Loader:


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