Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Freelancing

Freelancing is a good way to earn money from the comforts of your Home. You can earn good bucks by working as a Freelancer. You can use your skills and expertise to earn money by Freelancing. There are countless reasons available to work as a Freelancer but today I am here with some reasons to Avoid Freelancing. Read on to know more that why you should avoid Freelancing.


Work Inconsistency:

One look around you and you are sure to have an encounter with n number of freelancers. In short, we can witness tremendous competition in the freelancing arena of late. This has provided clients with an array of alternatives as far as choosing a freelancer in particular is concerned. This changing scenario has created a solid imbalance in the freelancing market, which is why one freelancer might be overloaded with work, while some other may be completely out of work. Hence, one of the top reasons that is believed to induce individuals to stay away from the freelancing market is to avoid being jobless for sufficiently longer duration of time.

Force to Work at Slashed Rates:

As we just discussed above, cut-throat competition is known to be prevalent in the area of freelancing. In order to stay active and functional as in demand freelancers most of them are seen adopting a approach wherein they tend to offer clients rate charts that are completely irrelevant and unjustified. Moreover, in order to avoid being out of work these freelancers are seen being willing to work at rates as low as peanuts, which is exactly why fellow freelancers are left with no option , but to bring down their rates as well. Primarily, freelancers are required to put in a good deal of their time and energy towards completing the allotted tasks, but the income that they end up making in relation to the same is nothing, but much less than nominal.

Lack of Work Discipline:

As far as the area of freelancing goes, we are likely to witness a great deal of youngsters working as active freelancers in the aforementioned arena. As you all must be very well aware freelancing jobs come free of all kinds of frills and baggages that are generally attached with a nine to five job. Moreover, freelancers are free to work at their own will and convenience. Similarly, there is absolute absence of authoritative control in freelancing jobs. This is exactly why most of the young freelancers tend to lose track and fail to give complete justice to the tasks at hand. Above all, there is no code of conduct required to be followed by them, which inturn implies lack of work discipline.

Fraud & Duping Attacks:

As freelancers most of us tend to crack deals and make verbal contracts with clients over the virtual medium itself. The client tends to send work to freelancers over emails, which when completed and emailed back to the client marks the end of the task at hand. After this the client is expected to initiate a bank transfer to the freelancer’s bank account for the task completed. However, many a times the client disappears from the scene altogether and cuts off all contacts with the freelancer. In some situations, the client not only dupes the freelancer on the money aspect, but also ends up using the work of the freelancer without his or her permission.

Job Saturation:

In most of the cases, freelance jobs involve working under the convenience of one’s own roof. As a fresher when you enter the freelancing arena, every aspect associated with freelancing tends to leave you completely pleased and satisfied. However, over a period of time when you get rattled with the routine, freelancing looses its charm and you end up reaching your saturation level. One vital reason behind this kind of saturation is very little presence or complete absence of social interaction in these kind of jobs. Apart from this, the above mentioned four reasons are also believed to contribute significantly towards pushing freelancers to their job saturation point.

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