Looking for Proof of Income? Who Needs Fake Pay Stubs and Why

Around 30% of Americans take out personal loans each year. One problem some people like freelancers come up against is the lack of a pay stub.

If you’re stuck in a jam and need cash but don’t have proof of income, fake pay stubs can help you. Continue reading this article to learn who needs these stubs and why.

Fake Pay Stubs for Proof of Income

You see that beautiful new car you want but the only problem is that you can’t get the money you need. You don’t have proof of income because your employer doesn’t give you anything to prove your income.

You may be paid cash or you may be self-employed but you don’t want to provide two years of income proof. Those that are self-employed or successful freelancers have a difficult time getting loans unless there are two years or more of consistent income.

Fake pay stubs are the perfect way to solve your problem.

Things to Remember When You Create Your Pay Stubs

When you create your stubs, make sure all of the numbers line up. When you use a generator that helps you with the numbers, it isn’t difficult. Since it is easy to mess up the numbers, it is a good idea to use a generator that does the work for you.

If your stubs don’t look legitimate, you aren’t likely to get the loan that you want. The few dollars you spend to get stubs that are formatted and put together properly will be worth it to get a loan.

Why You Might Need a Loan

Buying things and adding to your mountain of debt isn’t a good reason to get a loan, but there are plenty of good reasons that you might need one.

1. Need Transportation to Work

If you need transportation to work, you may need to get a loan. If you can’t get to work, it makes it difficult to pay the bills so it only makes sense to get a loan to help you purchase a vehicle.

2. Need to Refinance for a Lower Rate

Having high-interest loans will cost you thousands of dollars over the years. Credit cards can charge you interest upwards of 20% and payday loans may even charge you over 300% interest.

If you get a personal loan with a much lower interest rate, you can save thousands of dollars.

3. Need Medical or Dental Attention

When you need medical or dental attention, you can’t wait. Getting a loan may be the only way you can get the help you need when you need it. Not everyone can afford dental or health insurance so a personal loan may be the only way to pay for treatment.

Get the Loan You Need

Instead of worrying about proof of income, you can use fake pay stubs to get the money you deserve. Before you spend your hard earned money or your new loan cash, learn about reading products reviews before making a purchase to get the most bang for your buck.

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