Product reviews make purchasing decisions easier

Product reviews play an increasingly growing role in the customer’s decision-making process when it comes to purchasing. You do not just click on something and buy it right away and we all know it just doesn’t work that way. Nowadays, not only the youngsters and middle-aged group are inclined to purchasing online, but also the older ones. This is why product reviews exist, they are supposed to help consumers in making their purchase decisions. Customers do trust and engage with product reviews regularly and these reviews remain very influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions. In this post, we will be talking about how product reviews make purchasing decisions easier.

What is a purchase decision

Buying a certain item is not just a see-and-buy action. Consumers go through a decision-making process before finally deciding to buy a certain item. In making a purchase decision, online shoppers get to determine if they really need to buy a certain item or purchase an update of a software. According to the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, a purchase decision is the thought process that leads a consumer from identifying a need, generating options, and choosing a specific product and brand. Some purchase decisions can be easily made most especially if you are buying cheaper items, or if you are purchasing a “need” and not a “want”.

Major purchase decisions

Major purchase decisions may involve a plan to purchase more expensive items, a car or a high-end camera for instance. The more major the purchase decision and the more expensive the item is, the more effort is typically put into the process. This purchase decision-making process will be greatly affected by these product reviews. That’s how we know product reviews make purchasing decisions easier.

Stages of purchase decision process

Need recognition

This is the first stage of the consumer purchase decision process, it starts with recognizing one’s need. The seller or marketer must then realize the needs of the consumer as well as how these needs can be satisfied. For example, if a person is hungry then food is desired or if it is a matter of coldness then a sweater may be desirable.

Information search

In the purchase decision process, the search for information comes in second. During this stage, the consumer searches the information about the product either from online sites, family, friends, neighborhood, advertisements, wholesaler, retailers, dealers, or by examining or using the product. This is the stage where product reviews play a very significant role.

Evaluation of available alternatives

After gaining information and getting the necessary knowledge, the consumer then evaluates the possible alternatives. Through product reviews, buyers get to compare more than one alternatives and weigh them in terms of price, rating, functionality, etc. Also, through the acquired info about the product, the consumer evaluate the various alternatives on the basis of it’s want-satisfying power, quality, and its features.

Decision making

The fourth stage of the decision-making process is the decision making itself. After evaluating the alternatives the consumer then purchases the suitable product. But there are also the chances to postpone or even cancel the purchase decision due to some reasons. In that case, the seller must try to find out the reasons and try to remove them either by providing sufficient information and reliable product reviews to the consumers or by giving them guarantee regarding the product to the consumer.

Post-purchase evaluation

This will be the final stage in the purchase decision process. After making the purchase and the arrival and use of the item, the consumer will either be satisfied or disappointed. The product reviews will be based on the satisfaction of the customer, and it will be a cycle. It is always the duty of the seller to make their consumers satisfied.

Product reviews make purchasing decisions easier

Understanding how people make purchasing decision is what drives sellers to do certain adverts and establish product reviews. With 60% of consumers looking at online reviews at least weekly, a survey that 93% say online reviews do impact their purchasing decisions. A study also shows that 82% of consumers do read reviews before making a purchase decision, and 60% look at reviews on a weekly basis. Further, the study suggests that two-thirds of consumers (68%) are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if they are assured they will have a better experience.

Do they really make purchasing decisions easier?

Some people may doubt the impact of product reviews on the internet but we all know how helpful they are when it comes to making purchase decisions. Given the many benefits you get when reading a product review, we guarantee you, that and easier decision-making will be on top of them. Product reviews have been and will always be a form of persuasion and marketing strategy as well. Aside from being a marketing strategy, product reviews are truly helpful tools. Especially when it comes to assisting consumers in their online shopping venture.


Help you choose which will be suitable for you

Reading product reviews let you see if it actually has what you need. When buying a pair of shoe, you have to know what will you use it for. Product Expert helps with that. Whether it be for work, gym, running, trekking, etc., you have to know which will be the most suitable for you. If you choose to get a pair of shoes for trekking, you get to read and know the basic things. After further reading, you might see that others have better traction and can even work well in mud. Product reviews help you understand, gain knowledge and details. This is to help you choose the best item that would match your preferences.

Provides you with detailed and useful information

The product reviews written and posted will also give you an idea and detailed information on your chosen product. Detailed product reviews will also offer you pros and cons, which are both very helpful. Also, you will get to read about the consumer insights that allow one to make a decision on products. A good example is two running shoes from different brands. Before buying, you will read the insights, pros, and cons of each pair of shoe. And then make a wise decision before doing your purchase. Therefore, you have to read as many reviews as you can. And eventually make comparisons to see the bigger pictures on the performances, features, and whether it will fulfill your needs. Product reviews will provide you an information about why every product was made, and for that reason, you’re buying it.

Saves you trouble

A lot of shoppers and consumers find trouble purchasing something online. However, you will only need to read a couple product reviews so that you can save yourself from trouble. For example, you will save money to buy a product like a phone that did not work well for hundreds of reviewers or which have defects. Another instance that some buyers might experience is problems with the shipping process. If you find several people writing reviews that a certain product had a fault in a certain system and manufacturing, you save yourself the trouble of buying that product because you already know the faults. Reading product reviews will also help you identify rogue sellers. Some sellers put up items they don’t have and don’t intend to have. By reading product reviews, you will learn from those that have been victims and be wise enough to avoid them.

Helps you to do a price comparison

If you do a price comparison, you might spend less buying the same features. Big brands with big names sell at higher prices compared to less known brands with the same features. If you are saving money, why on earth should you pay more for a brand with the same features when you can buy it for less. You must not be brand crazy, it is ideal to go for functionality. Product reviews help you compare prices and features at the same time. With sellers’ and product reviews, you’re able to determine the different prices of different products from different sellers. So you get to buy from the one with the least price.

Offers you peace of mind

The last but not the least benefit of reading product reviews is that you get to enjoy a peace of mind after doing a purchase. When you go through reviews, even before delivery and after purchase, you get to have a peace of mind you have because you know what to expect. You also know when will be the estimated time of arrival. But when you don’t know, you’re in doubts over your purchase. Reading reviews reassures you that you made a good purchase decision.


When it comes to product reviews, they do not only help the marketer but the consumer as well. Reading them make take some of your time, but surely you’ll thank yourself because you did. Many benefits that reading product reviews can give will truly help a lot when it comes to making purchase decisions. So, when the time comes when you need to buy something, don’t rush into it. And, do not forget to visit Product Expert for some expert and reliable product reviews.

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