Mobilizing Traditional Art to Modern Audiences

The market for artworks has rapidly evolved over the years. The internet has changed the game for artists worldwide, providing them with better and plentiful opportunities to reach their audience.

Traditionally, artists had to rely on selling their work in art galleries which only select few artists could enlist. Moreover, the audience for an art gallery is limited, reducing the chances of the artist selling their art.

Nowadays, artists are not constrained to physical art galleries to showcase their art to the public. There has been a massive boom in the online art dealing community over the past few years. Artists now have the option of working with online art galleries which, even though they undoubtedly lack the inherent prestige of the much revered brick-and-mortar galleries, provides artists the crucial exposure they need. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why even the most traditionalist artist has gone online.

Extensive Market, Boundless Opportunities

No matter how sophisticated and distinguished physical art galleries are, they pose the inherent disadvantage of reaching and accommodating only a limited number of people. Online, however, everyone anywhere and anytime can not only browse your collection, they can even purchase your work in just a few clicks. WordPress Themes are fairly straight forward to configure and install, and are widely available and supported by almost all web developer.

An online art gallery like Flatcolor Gallery is essentially an art gallery that is open 24/7, available  for all kinds of patrons from every corner of the globe, and a convenient way of experiencing art collections. And they are made even more effective with an intuitive UI & UX design.

Low Cost, Less Risk

Renting an appropriate sized space for an art gallery means having to spend quite the pretty penny. Then there is advertising, decorating, and so on to consider. An online art gallery, by comparison, is an inexpensive way to display an artist’s exhibition. There is also less risk of financial ruin online because of the relatively low costs.

A More Personal Experience

With the right web designer, you can customize your online art gallery from top to bottom. You have full control over what your patrons see and experience. In this manner, patrons are more intimate with the exhibit and feel more comfortable with the online gallery.

A Powerful Platform

Lastly, with an online art gallery, the artist and the art dealer play a more active role. They can reach out to people online and not just passively wait for patrons to trickle in. The internet is a far-reaching and influential platform that can share your passion for art but also allow you financial opportunities to continue doing what you love.

Artists might not like to admit it but art is a business, a lucrative one at that. They can profit off of their work if they can break into the market. And online galleries can help artists do just that.

Elements of an Effective Art Gallery Website

Presentation is key to drawing in online patrons. For an art gallery website to succeed, it needs to be well designed, aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to navigate. Most avant-garde online art galleries share similar elements.

Vivid Colors

Most sites tend to go with safe, muted colors, but now the practice of using brighter and more intense colors has become a trend. It seems only suitable for a website dedicated to promoting artwork should have a courageous color scheme. Richer colored backgrounds with striking contrasts are quite popular in the art community.


This approach is particularly modern and even highly unconventional yet asymmetrical layouts have gotten a huge following. Grid-based layouts are advantageous – obviously since they have been the trusted layout for major websites for years – but they can get repetitive. Asymmetrical layouts are unique and can make websites stand out.

Emphasis on Typography

A subtle but very distinct art form is typography. It is widely known that a great typeface can add character to even the most bland of web designs. Art gallery websites pay extra attention to the fonts. Serif fonts are gaining popularity now that screens have better resolutions and font support. They are subtly classy and convey the cool and professional tone of real art galleries.

Whether it is to give balance to an intense background, allow easy readability, or part of the visual design, typography is an important factor that should not be undermined.

Geometric Design

Another way art gallery websites increase their sophisticated appeal is adding geometric shapes or patterns. The sharp lines make the website appear elegant but with a trace of stolidness.

Stylized Menus

Minimalist menus, pop up menus, even no menus at all are all the rage in online art galleries. Every little detail is given the utmost attention in order to have a distinct and modern web design.

While it is important for readers to be able to easily navigate a website, people these days are familiar with how a site works and do not require as many glaring labels to know which way to go. Unconventional menus are not detriments to user experience and can instead offer the reader the freedom to explore the site organically.

An excellent example of functional yet stylized menus would be Secret Hideout’s web layouts.

Fluid and Simple Animation

Even if it is just something small, people are drawn to anything animated. Subtle animation makes a website seem active and fun. It draws the readers’ eyes and encourages them to keep scrolling or clicking. And keeping the reader on the page is essential for an online art gallery.

Personalized Illustrations

By adding tiny and subtle illustrations, a website has a more personal and charming touch. It can also add distinction from other similar sites. That is why people are turning to graphic design companies like Secret Hideout to commission them their own customized illustrations.

Artistic and Professional

Running from technological innovation is futile and will only hurt you in the long run. Artists in particular have always had certain difficulties with selling their work so technology can be quite invaluable to them.

That being said, what it all comes down to it is an excellently designed online art gallery. People are likely to click away if they are lead to a run of the mill website. If you want a website that’s for art and for business, you can pay a visit to Secret Hideout to give you what you need.

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