How to Build a Website From Scratch: A Complete Beginners Checklist

Everyone needs a website. From businesses to personal portfolios to blogs, building a website is a great way to spread your message to the world.

And there are a whole lot of messages out there. In fact, by the time you’ve finished reading this intro, at least a dozen new websites will go live.

Why not add your voice to the mix? Building a website is easier than you may think.

Here’s a complete checklist for how to build a website from scratch.

Choose a Domain Name

Before you start coding, you’ll need to secure a domain name. Often, this is the trickiest part of the process. The perfect name should be catchy, short, and memorable. It should also reflect the site’s purpose.

Don’t settle on the first name you think of. Take your time and brainstorm. This is an important step. After all, your domain name will represent your brand to the world.

Once you’ve settled on a name that suits your website, secure your domain through a name registrar. If you’d like, you can also secure similar sounding domains to eliminate confusion.

Often, there’s a small fee associated with registration, but you shouldn’t have to pay more than a few dollars per domain name.

Find a Host

Before we move on, we should clear up something that trips many would-be designers up. Securing a domain doesn’t mean your website is live. All it means is that you’ve paid money to secure that website’s name.

Therefore, you’ll still need to find hosting for your site. Hosting companies lease server space to domain holders like you. You could theoretically build one of these servers yourself, but it’d cost thousands of dollars.

The good news is that you may not have to pay an extra fee. Certain domain registrars, like GoDaddy, also include web hosting services. Bundling your domain and hosting can save you some money, so inquire about your registrar’s hosting options.

You can also check out this blog for more info about hosting agents.

Choose Your Design Platform

You’re finally ready to start creating a website! For the design process, you’ll have two distinct options: Build the site yourself or outsource to a freelancer or design firm.

Both have their own unique pros and cons. For instance, building your site yourself will help you save some money. But by the same token, your site likely won’t look as professional as if you’d hired a firm to create it.

If you’re determined to build the site yourself, we recommend using a platform like WordPress and adding premium themes to give your site a special look.

Add Content

Before you can fill your new website with beautiful blog posts and captivating videos, you’ll want to organize your website. Create menus (and submenus if needed) for each page on your site.

Double-check that each menu links to the correct page before publishing.

Now, go through your new site and fill it with fantastic content that welcomes your audience to your site.

Once you’re satisfied with how your site looks, publish it and let the world see your hard work!

How to Build a Website From Scratch

While this guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to build a website from scratch, the best way to learn is by trying it yourself. Find a web platform that you enjoy and experiment with different designs.

To save some extra cash, make sure to check out our guide on how you can build your website for free.

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