How to Earn Money from Fiverr as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer has its own challenges stuck in front. A lot of them are related to the finances, the work profile, work styles, payment issues, etc. And, the most common issue that any freelancer faces, and is hard to work on, is the fact, that as a freelancer, it is very difficult to look for new clients, new people to work for, and without them, you don’t have work, you don’t have money. As simple as that. So, to be looking for clients, you cannot just rely on your previous associates, and need to move way forward looking for work. Fiverr is a great website, where you find so many freelancers looking for work! The website deals in $5 transactions, and people actually make huge sums of money out of it. Working on Fiverr also requires you to take care of some facts to make your gig effective, and making the users buying your gig.

Earn Money from Fiverr

If you are a Freelancer and want to try Fiverr to Earn Money from Fiverr then here are Some factors that will help you to Earn Money from Fiverr:

Make the Gig Informative:

Let your gig contain all the inclusions and exclusions about the work job, you are about to offer. This way, the person looking for the job to be done, won’t have any doubt at all, and will be greatly impressed by the way you have mentioned everything. Let the content be minimized, but information is maximized, because no one has time to read long paragraphs!

Make it Interactive and Creative:

In order to Earn Money from Fiverr, You need to use some good  amount of graphical illustrations like images, charts, pictures, figures, videos, etc., because these have proven out to provide information in a very much effective way as compared to general text. This way, the client won’t have to spend much time understanding your service, and would order a gig of yours right away. Moreover, more the creativity, more the level of better impression on the client, and further, more orders. Take care, that you don’t go over the line. Keep the things right, to the point.

Don’t Provide Contact Information:

If you want to be continuing working on fiverr, and getting lots of orders flowing, you should never add your personal contact information in your gig info. The fiverr automation will block you, and it also gives a look of your being a scammer or a spammer. TO prevent this, never add your personal contact info like E-Mail, website, mobile number, etc.

Include your Sample Work:

Sometimes just the feedback score is not enough. The customer wishes to view a sample of your work, to finalize, whether you will be his guy to work for his project or not. Include them in the info, or in the pictures section, etc. The person will be more than happy to view these, before finalizing work with you.

Tell them About Yourself:

Well, telling them just about your work, and what you do, and what you will do, is sometimes not enough. Tell them about what you do, who you are, and what is your actual qualification, etc. This way, the person gets a great level of confidence to work with you.

If you are just starting out with Fiverr, The above mentioned tips will surely help you to Earn Money from Fiverr.

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  1. Hi,

    Earning from Fiver as a freelancer is not an easy task because they are lot of experts who are well know to this, but as to whether what you have compiled here, it replicate an act that you have been participating on Fiverr as a freelancer and can go a long way to double one chance of earning huge from Fiverr. Thanks for sharing

  2. I know it’s all a matter of perspective but I sometimes wonder how people can make huge amounts on Fiverr, especially if they are doing bespoke work for each customer. Things like Twitter blasts and book downloads I can understand – the hard work is done once and everyone can reap the rewards, but when people can turn out nice little logos, 400 words of original copy or even 2 minute video or voice over! As a buyer I can see its value but is it always a great deal for the provider? Or is it sometimes just for the practice and experience?

    I’d love to know.


    Steven Lucas

  3. Hi
    Wonderful post no doubt Fiveer is the great platform for freelancing through which everyone can earn money. Most of the Webdesigner, Graphic designers, Developers, SEO professionals earn handsome amount though it. The main thing is to build the trust of your customers. If you are successfully do it then you get lots of orders in queue.
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

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