Drive Sales the Easy Way: 10 Elements That Make Your Ecommerce Landing Page Effective

There are so many websites out there and viewers have seen so many bad landing pages that they tend to be skeptical and give you about 10 seconds to capture their attention or they go. But if you can capture their attention for 30 seconds with something visually appealing, interesting and relevant to them, they are likely to stay for two minutes or more

And that gives you more time to convert. 

But in today’s market with technology constantly changing and users inundated with information, creating an attention-grabbing ecommerce landing page seems inundating in and of itself.

To help you weed through the barrage of choices and take your online business to the next level, we’ve put together 10 page elements of effective landing pages that you need to build in.

Keep reading and then sigh with relief.

1. Overall Clean Design That Matches Your Brand

Starting with the big picture here, the look and feel of your landing page should be bright and open, not cluttered. Consider it your reception area, and consider this: 38% of your guests will leave if they don’t find your (online) space attractive!

What can you do to get them to stay?

Go with a simple, clean look that matches your brand in color and voice. Know your customers and what they respond to as well. Plan the design.

Not sure how to do that? You have a couple of options.

Either hire a graphic designer or try one of the easy-to-build website platforms out there, like Squarespace, which you can also easily update if needed and create single promotional landing pages within your site. This is great because you can try different looks or tactics without having to call the designer every time, like new promotions and call to actions (more on those later). 

There are also tons of resources to guide you through the easy landing-page-setup process with tips and tricks. Really, if you can drag and drop, you’re off to a great start.

2. Simple and Clear Navigation

Navigation is both an element of design and function as it gives your visitors the ability to easily move around your website. Each navigation link takes them to a different section.

But be sure to keep navigation small and simple so it doesn’t distract from your main call to action. Instead, it’s there to give your visitors comfort in knowing they have control as they peruse.

If your landing page is just a landing page, as in you set it up to boost a promotion with conversion elements, then obviously ignore this point!

For navigation from landing page to the rest of your site, think strategically when you pick your sections. Think about product pages and a way to contact you.

Customers like to be able to call and talk to a person, if possible, so it’s nice to have your phone number visible near “contact” as well. 

3. Focus on One Promotional Offer Per eCommerce Landing Page

High converting landing pages focus on one clear offer and do everything to drive visitors to take action on it. If you have multiple offers, customers have choices but that also means they have to make a decision and there’s time for possible distractions away from the page. 

Imagine, your cat T-shirt business customer likes your Buy-One-Get-One-Pair-of-Cat-Socks-Free offer just as much as the Free Cat Baseball Cap if You Purchase Two T-Shirts. She can’t decide. She deliberates, back and forth. Then her cat Garfield starts clawing on the new sofa so she shuts the page and is gone. She had too much to think about it. Don’t let her do that!

4. A Great Headline

This is like a friendly, warm greeting that makes your customers feel welcome. It should complement your page and content and reflect the voice of your brand. It’s also an opportunity to focus on your special offer or product. 

Yes, this is your moment of glory: Tell them what they’re getting and then tell them how to get it.

You can go emotional and set them up with how they’ll feel when they get your product or service or just lay it out: Amazing Cat T-Shirts Plus Buy One Pair of Socks and Get One Free. Then add a sub-heading that points them to the call to action. In other words, tell them what to do in the sub-heading. 

5. Build Trust With an Authentic Testimonial 

Gain instant trust with a testimonial from someone that loves you and your product, preferably a video testimonial that links directly to your product purchase page or another call-to-action item.

It’s hard to toot your own horn but someone else can do it for you in spades. New visitors see you’re loved and trustworthy and they want to have a relationship with you too.

Plus, you can get up to 80% more conversion when you have video embedded in your landing page!

6. Your Stellar Call To Action In Action

This seems like a no-brainer, but your call-to-action, with its enticing message and button, is everything. Strategize, make it visible, make it pop and have everything lead to it.

Keep copy simple and concise so it’s very clear. And position it front and center, literally or not. One idea is to have a stable button in the middle of the page with images or content that scrolls behind it. 

Also, stay consistent visually with the design of the button and the voice of the message supporting your brand.

7. Catnip-esque Graphics

This is you with the fishing lure on the end of the string, waving it around, getting that cat to pounce! Make things pop and get people to move around your page and stay on it long enough to take action and click. 

Play with different shapes and colors but keep them in line with your brand. Movement is also great. Try gifs, like dancing cats, cha cha cha. There are plenty of graphic design choices to explore and easy-to-follow photo effects tutorials.  

8. Interactive Elements to Keep Visitors Engaged

There are a lot of static pages out there so getting your visitors involved in a task is alluring. Think about it: When you were in 10th grade, would you rather listen to your teacher lecture on chemical compounds, blah blah blah, or would you rather get in there and see what happens with that Bunsen burner?

Let visitors give your product a virtual whirl if possible. For example, a dating app service, might let visitors peruse possible future dates. This is a great way to get those emails too!

9. Go Long

Surprisingly, short and sweet isn’t always your best bet, to the tune of about a 200%-plus increase in engagement/leads if your call to action is below the fold after content. Build trust in your future clients by giving them the information they want on that long landing page.

10. Optimize Your Loading Speed

Effective landing pages load fast. Optimize for all types of devices: phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. This is a tech issue which a web designer can advise you on or you can lean on one of the landing page builder options for your average Joe and Jolene. Again, Squarespace is one of those options.

Pounce on It

Your future customers are out there stalking through the web looking to land on your page and pounce on your call to action. They want what you have, so now that you have these tools to hold their attention on your ecommerce landing page, we encourage you to get started with an easy web-building platform to play around with the options, complementing them to your brand and product.

While you’re at it, you can also take a look at other tools like adding customer reviews, which encourage conversion to sales by building trust.

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