Doctor, Doctor! How Can Your Medical School Website Benefit from Web Development?

Are you currently crafting a website for your medical school?

Websites function much like business cards in this digital age. They are a marketing necessity for institutions of all kinds, including schools.

Given the fact that there are over 170 medical schools in the U.S., it’s vital to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re building a medical school website, we recommend seeking help from a professional web developer. But what is web development and how will it benefit your site?

In this post, we answer this question and many more. Read on for insight!

What Is Web Development?

Web development involves technical building and full implementation of a professional website.

In contrast to web design, web development refers to the actual programming and coding of a site. 

When you hire a web developer, you’re hiring someone who can build your website from the bottom up. He or she may not necessarily be acting alone; a lot of developers work in teams.

This is because web development can be divided into three tasks. These include client-side scripting, database technology, and server-side scripting.

Client-side scripting is basically everything that your website visitors will see when they navigate to your site.

Server-side scripting is the exact opposite. It refers to the code that ensures behind-the-scenes functionality.

Database technology has to do with how a site stores and manages all of its data.

This all may sound a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! If you hire a web developer, you don’t necessarily need a technical background in any of these areas. 

What matters is to know your specific needs for website functionality before working with a pro. 

The beauty of web development lies in the fact that it can enable fully customized, authentic websites. When you work with a developer, you’re getting a site that’s different from any others on the world wide web. 

How Can Web Development Benefit Your Medical School Site?

If you’re building a medical school website, you may be wondering whether or not you need web development services. How can web development benefit your site?

Here are a few ways. 

1. Authentic Design

Web development involves customized programming and coding.

This means that sites created via web development won’t necessarily look like any others – they can align with every client’s specific vision and needs. 

Authentic design and functionality can be hard to come by nowadays. If you build your site using a platform like WordPress, for example, the template you choose may be used by thousands of others.

Your website will serve as the digital face of your medical school. Because applicants to U.S. medical schools have lots of options to choose from, it’s vital to create an eye-catching site.

Use web development to show your authenticity in a competitive industry.

2. Higher Page Ranking

Most medical school applicants use search engines to build their list of prospective schools. In fact, Google currently processes over 40,000 search queries a second!

That equates to billions and trillions of searches every year.

These prospective applicants are your target clients. You’ll want to use your site as a way to captivate and attract high-quality candidates. 

One of the ways you can do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On-page optimization involves optimizing your site content for keywords that your ideal applicants are likely to enter into Google.

For example, you may integrate “pharmacy technician certification” or “best medical school in the U.S.” into your content. Click here to learn more.

Well-optimized sites are more likely to earn higher Google rankings. This means that they’ll surface towards the top of search results, a place where visitors are most likely to click.

You can also boost your odds of a higher page ranking by hiring web development services.

One factor that influences page ranking is the HTML coding itself. Well-structured HTML can ensure that your site is appropriately indexed by Google’s bots. 

Boost your odds for greater online visibility by hiring a web developer. 

3. Be Consistent on Multiple Browsers

Have you ever visited a site using Safari and not been able to access it? How about with Firefox or even Chrome?

Some sites are only compatible with certain browsers. This can be frustrating for visitors. It could even turn away prospective applicants to your medical school.

Luckily, effective web development can guarantee consistency on multiple browsers. This means that your visitors can use any browser and catch a glimpse of your amazing content.

Such consistency means that your online content will be available at all times to the widest possible audience. This is vital to ensuring your reputation. 

4. Offer an Improved User Experience

Professional web development gives you the best opportunity to offer visitors a vastly improved user experience.

User experience is exactly what it sounds like – how visitors experience your site. In general, websites that offer a superior user experience are more likely to rank highly on Google.

Plus, they are more likely to keep visitors on your page. The longer a prospective applicant stays on your school’s page, the greater their odds of applying!

Web development improves user experience by optimizing functionality.

Web developers work hard to ensure that all the nuts and bolts of your site are operating smoothly. With functional programming, you can feel confident that your content will load quickly and provide easy navigation. 

Final Thoughts on Web Development

Still wondering what is web development and how it benefits you? 

Web development involves the technical building of a website. Professional developers craft a website from the ground up, ensuring that it functions well at all times. 

If you’re looking for a way to stay competitive in the medical industry, consider hiring a web developer. This will ensure you have an authentic site. It can also help improve your Google rankings, which will boost your online visibility.

Most importantly, web development provides a superior user experience. This is essential in putting forth your best face for all users. 

At Flat Colors, we’ve compiled lots of tutorials and articles to help with your web development needs. Curious about learning programming? Check out these posts here.

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