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Designers and artists never cease to learn and discover new things. We continue to grow and develop ourselves, as much as we can. Being open to new styles, be willing to learn through tutorials, and appreciate tips and tricks helps us all in becoming a very effective designer and developer. The desire to learn and progress is very beautiful and rewarding, that is why at Flat Colors, we help you pump your desire to learn and discover new things from us. At the same time, we would totally love to learn from you.

Design, programming and Photoshop

Our blog offers a wide range of different and unique tutorials related to design, web programming, and Photoshop. At FlatColors, we desire to make it easier for you. Both design and programming are tremendously challenging tasks, they require not just creativity, but patience and hard work. But we tell you, if you fall in love with what you do and you find the resources to greatly help you, everything will go perfectly fine. At FlatColors, we provide logos, designs, with tips and tricks to enhance your designing skills. Not only that we offer posts that you can use for self-help, but we also provide useful templates and themes for web development.

Nowadays, WordPress is also commonly used that is why we also have a range of templates and plugins with tips and tricks that will surely help your WordPress site. Also, if you are looking for fancy, creative, or corporate themes, FlatColors got them for you. Various posts on JavaScript can be found on this blog too! Truly, everything that you are looking for is in here. When it comes to designing and editing through Photoshop, we also cater a couple of photo and text effect tutorials and many more.

How to’s

At FlatColors, our primary goal is to help you in the most effective way possible. We believe that providing the readers with detailed and easy-to-read how-to articles with greatly help them. That is why we designed a separate “How to” section to help you with your different website tasks. In order to provide this kind of help to you, our team researched and was able to experience some of these situations in order to offer you pieces of advice when it comes to handling certain situations. Not only that we help you with certain designing or programming related task, but we also try to make it easier for you when it comes to handling anything. May it be deadlines, clients, tough situations, career progress, and many more.

Inspiration, tips, and tricks

The FlatColors team never want to cease in inspiring other designers and developers who have been working hard to provide the best websites and programs. When it comes to logos, designs, themes, and even tattoos, we have prepared a set of inspiration and tips for you. Tons of useful tips are also available for you to read and learn from. We have prepared a separate category just to help you, inspire you, and make designing and programming a lot more fun and easier for you.

Web enthusiasts who aim to inspire

FlatColors, a blog with an objective to help, started with a goal to provide useful and helpful content. These posts and content come in the form of Design Tutorials, Development Tools and Tutorial, Photoshop Tips and Tricks, Freebies, Design Inspirations, Tips and Tricks and many other cheats on all of the hot and trending topics in the design community. We are a dedicated and passionate team of web enthusiast from around the world. FlatColors is a blog made for designers and developers.  Our team aims to collect, explore and share tips, inspirational roundups, tutorials, tools, and so much more just for you!

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If you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts or ideas, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us by sending a mail at info@FlatColors.net.

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