2018 web design trends

5 Must-Know 2018 Web Design Trends

2018 web design trends

Your website’s main purpose is to alert the world to your existence. Your online presence needs to distinguish your business from the 71% of small business owners who currently use the Internet for business.

Your online presence should emphasize your brand’s unique identity. You should be advancing your thought leadership in your industry. Outdated web design negates that impact.

Here are some of the leading 2018 web design trends to help you keep your digital design contemporary and current.

2018 Web Design Trends to Look out For

Let’s take a quick look at 5 of the leading web design concepts of 2018.

Forget the Grid

Digital design tools exist to make our jobs as designers simpler. Having a pre-existing structure to build our designs on makes web design infinitely easier.

It’s also counter-intuitive. Many trendy websites are ignoring straight lines and hard margins for more organic and interesting layouts.

Drop Shadows

Adding depth to our web design is nothing new. Web designers are employing drop shadows in exciting and innovative new ways using parallax design. This is in large part to do with the trend towards flat design aesthetics in recent years.

Depth is an easy way to add emphasis to a website. For even more innovative web design, consider using colored drop shadows for a more colorful user experience (UX)!

Focus on the Customer

UX is integral to increasing conversions and ensuring customer loyalty. It’s one of the underlying principles behind the dismissal of the grid in today’s web design trends.

Instead of making your designs adhere to rigid design principles, make them serve your customer instead.

Bright, Bold Colors

Web design certainly is colorful in 2018. For many years, web designers restricted themselves to more subdued, business-like color palettes. These days, you need to stand out to truly make a splash, however.

Designers like Cotswold Web Design aren’t limiting their boldness to color, either. They’re also integrating bold shapes and striking lines into their web design.

Just remember to design responsibility when integrating bright colors and bold shapes into your web design layout! Editorializing is your friend.

Striking Illustrations

For many years, website graphics seemed to focus either on screenshots or photographs of the product out in the wild.

We’re seeing a new design trend in 2018, however. Illustration is becoming increasingly common in websites and UIs.

It’s hard to say why, exactly. Maybe it’s just the trend-cycle and the inevitable backlash. Either way, distinctive illustration is a great way to make your web design stand out.

Web design trends continue to evolve at the speed of thought. Follow some of these trending examples to get your web presence up to date and looking its best!

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