12 Innovative Web Design Trends You Must Follow in 2019

 There are over four million internet users today. Does your latest web design stand out from the crowd?

To help you stay current with 2019’s trend design updates, here’s a checklist of thirteen innovative trends you must follow. These are simple and fun steps you can take to guarantee that your website stands out this year. 

Twelve Web Design Trends to Follow in 2019

Web designs go out of fashion, just like plaid overalls or bedazzled jackets. Try these new design trends to maintain an updated and fresh website.

1. Scrollable Visual Storytelling

It’s technically a 2018 trend, but it’s still going strong with the web design trends of 2019. A website that is scrollable means a viewer can start from the top and endlessly scroll downwards to learn about the “story” you want to tell.  

2. 3-D Illustration

Designers in 2019 want to add realism and depth to their illustrations through 3-dimensional design. This trendy design element captivates viewers and inspires them to feel the reality of the website. 

3. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are stepping up the game. They allow users to click around and change colors, settings, or other elements. It’s a great way to boost user engagement.

4. Outlined Type

If you’re a fan of typography then you’ll love 2019’s new web design trend: outlined type. This unique style of typography grabs the viewer’s attention through its partly-there, partly-gone design. 

5. Abstract Shapes

Abstract shapes received design recognition as a technique that’s visually pleasing to web users. Using various shapes adds a unique element to your web design, and the endless shape options make it easy to include. 

6. In-Your-Face Titles

Large titles draw the viewer’s attention to important information. Including large titles also means that you can explore with fonts that would normally be too difficult to see. 

7. Unique Fonts

As you explore different fonts, don’t be afraid to try out vintage styles or even serif fonts. This 2019 design trend means web designers can get creative with updated websites and logo designs

8. Serif Font on Screen

Serif fonts used to be a web design mistake because its decorative style is hard to read on a computer screen. In 2019 though, we’re seeing more decorative serif fonts coupled with simplistic designs. 

9. Gradient Colors

To make your website pop, choose your colors and then blend them together. This gradient technique adds smoothness to an otherwise choppy color combo. 

10. Glitch Art

This retro design is making a comeback for web videos. Glitch art uses altered visuals in a way that is startling and impactful. It may not complement everyone’s site, but it’s a great trend to look into if your content has a striking feel to it. 

11. Minimalism

This familiar trend is still going strong in 2019. Gone are the cluttered and overwhelming websites that gave users a headache. Instead, minimalistic sites feel clean, fresh, and professional. 

12. A Mobile-Friendly Focus

Over 60% of the US population uses their mobile phone for web browsing. This means your updated website needs to be mobile-friendly and easy to use with only two thumbs. Check out this website to transform your site into a mobile-friendly wonder. 

Choose Your Favorite Trend Design and Get to Work

Editing your site to include this year’s innovative web updates doesn’t mean you have to follow every single trend design. Choose a few of your favorites and add a unique flavor to your website. Once that’s done, learn how your new website design affects SEO performance in the best way possible. 

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